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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ghetto B is drooling: Charlotte Olympia Pumps

Hello Girlies!

Today is an extra special Monday since it's holiday!!! :) It's once in a blue moon that we love Mondays. I love my Monday today since it's a free day and a me-and-my-girls day! :) We're all set to eat at this new resto we haven't eaten yet, watch Crazy Stupid Love in the movies, and hopefully go to S&R hahaha! :)

I'll be writing about Charlotte Olympia shoes today. Aside from the Louboitins, Choos, Blahniks, Charlotte Olympia shoes are so hot among the A-list celebs when they hit the red carpet. Just last 2006, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, a half English and half Brazilian designed her signature island platform shoe and it was an instant success!

Charlotte Olympia pumps have an  almond toe shape and signature designer stamp at the sole. Take for instance the Charlotte Olympia Dolly pumps, the heels are measured at 6 inches with 1.5 inches platform at the front (that makes total heel of 4.5 inches for the foot). Anyone wearing this will surely look very regal!!

 Love this color block satin pump!

And this Charlotte Olympia Morwenna Colorblock too!!

Mila Kunis during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Super hot!!!

Blake Lively in the animal print version

These babies are luxury because they are around USD 700++!!!!! But maybe some local shoes manmanufacturers can do a "look for less" so we can have Charlotte Olympia-esque shoes at a fraction of a price hehehe! :)If I get to spot one, I'd report immediately! :)

Ghetto B

Friday, August 26, 2011

Carmelettes Animal Print Ballet Flats

 Good Morning Friday!

This Friday is extra special because it spells, long weekend!!! Woohoo!! :)
I'm very much excited since I've got tons of stuff to do that I don't usually do anymore because of lack of time. Plus I've already set the dates to the girls! Different kinds of girls - college friends, high school friends, former co-workers. Exciting!!!

Anyways, here's another reason to drain the contents of your wallet. Another shoe lust from Carmelletes!!!

Animal prints are hot this Fall. Can't wait to get a pair for myself. I visited their Landmark branches both in Makati and Trinoma. I must say, it's really haunting me! Haha :) Nice and comfy to walk on. Plus the shoe shape.. I like! Not so super round and not so pointy. Also available in 3 styles: black cheetah, brown cheetah, and white tiger :) I'm liking the brown cheetah.

Black Cheetah

Brown Cheetah. My favorite!

 White Tiger

Hollywood fashionistas Reese and Cameron sporting their ballet flats. I'll have one too. Therefore, Must. Save. Pronto. Hehe!! :)

Ghetto B

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another pressie! Grendha Ana Hickmann Sandals

Happy Wednesday girlies! :) It's mid-week and we all surviving! I'm not sure if I've been extra good lately but I've been getting pressies like it's Christmas time once again heehee! :)

Brazilian footwear, Grendha, made its "debut" in my shoe cabinet! Hehehe! :) I've got a Grendha gift certificate that's about to expire in days so I have to choose something from their collection pronto!

Pretty box with a goodie inside ;-)

Grendha Ana Hickmann Topazio sandals. Bronze braided rope thong sandals with 2 gem-like stones in front

Ana Hickmann, a brazilian model (like Gisele Bundchen who did a collaboration with another Brazilian footwear Ipanema) was responsible for this particular design.What I like about this particular pair is that girls don't have excuses anymore just to wear plain flipflops on the beach . One can also have another alternative to sneakers when travelling in airports as they are easy to remove when you have to go through the xray machine. Moreover, this particular pair that I have (Topazio) were designed in light summer colors that women can use between office to the after work parties. Aside from the cute design, comfort is one thing that Grendha will give your feet! Upon wearing it, it molds to your feet and it will make walking feel like walking in the clouds. It's also washable!

Ghetto Gurls' verdict? Must-have!! :)

Ghetto B

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: Chanel Ballet Flats

Happy Tuesday! We all survived Monday hell :) It's also the second consecutive day I'm back on track with writing posts.

I have a soft spot for ballet flats. I have them in different styles and colors. It's easy to walk around and not feel a foot ache afterwards. I can mix and match them with shorts, day dresses, skinny jeans. Never mind if they don't give me extra height.. I'm contented with the comfort and the flexibility they give to me and my wardrobe hehe! I've spoken about my love for Tory Burch before. I still have it in my "The Secret" list. I will have it. I claim it!

Anyhoo, I've been seeing versions of the famed Chanel flats lately. Of course what a genius by shoe manufacturers! They have the power to create one for us lowly masses that we can try since not every girl can afford Chanel.

Chanel leather flats costs around USD 675. Nude in color, black trim on the sides, black toe cap, and a Chanel logo on the side.

Katie Holmes with her Chanel flats while doing errands. Still looking fab! :)

Even in my wildest dreams, I don't have USD 700 bucks to cough up just for ballet flats! Haha! I'd rather travel to Europe heehee! But while passing the ever reliable SM Deparment store, I saw this ballet flats.. one last pair, one last design, and one size... just for M.E! :)

Parisian Junior Ballet flats. Php 499.00 or USD 11.50! 

Patent black trim on the side and toe cap. It has a goldish nude argyle/quilted pattern for the body

I knew I had to get this one. I tried it and surprisingly comfy. Doesn't hurt my feet especially on the sides and back portion. Can't wait to road test these with my jeans, shorts, dresses! Not bad for 500 bucks right? :) I can channel Chanel! Hahahaha! :))

Ghetto B

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Newly-discovered Ballet Flats: Suelas

Good Morning Ghetto Gurls!

I love ballet flats. I had tons of ballet flats of different styles and colors in the past. With the wear and tear my feet does with it and maybe because of the cheap price, they are now R.I.P. hehehe! Ballet flats is my fool proof footwear if I don't know what shoe to wear with my outfit since it magically goes with my day dresses, shorts, jeans, skirts.  It's also my go-to shoe if I know I will be doing walkathons the whole day.

The Tory Burches and the Repettos are known as the champion ballet flats. Not only because they are fashionable and branded but the comfort it gives to the shoe wearer. But these babies come in a hefty price! The trick is to check out designer sales and huge discounts are given. I once saw a Tory Burch on sale at Nordstrom Rack for only USD 99!

Good thing there are fashionable entrepreneurs right now who thought of bringing the comfort and style of these well-known ballet flats with an affordable price! I know there are Tory Burch knock-offs being sold in bazaars but I'd rather buy a locally made ballet shoes than to sport a fake one. :)

Suelas is a Philippine-brand of ballet flats that gives the fashionable Manila girls more alternatives and choices of ballet flats. I first saw them at Rockwell's Urban Bazaar 2 months ago. When I saw their site, it was like candy land to me! I'm loving almost every style in their latest 2010 collection. What's interesting in it is that it's super comfy and easy to pack as it it is foldable and roll-able too!

Here are the styles I'm eyeing and interested to buy (and none of these have my size haha!)

Puntera. Php 899.00
Too bad. They don't have 5 anymore for this grey/silver one. Only available is 8.5

Manejo in Red. Php 999.00
This red one is sold out on size 5 too!!

Impresso in Tan. Php 799.00
Would you believe all sizes are available in Tan except 5????!!

Brogues in Grey/White. Php 849.00
No more size 5 again *sigh*

Guess these babies are selling like hotcakes! Well I couldn't blame the fashionistas because they are all adorbs and comfy as well. You can fold and roll it as well! You won't be able to do that with your Tory Burch, right?! Hehe! :)

Click on the Suelas' website and order whatever it is that fits you. I'll watch out next time for their new collections so that I get the first dibs on all size 5. Hehehe!

Ghetto B

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: Carmelettes Peeptoe Booties in Hot Pink Sole

Happy Friday! I'm SOOOO BACK GIRLIES!!!!!! I got my blogging mojo back once again! :)) It's been like weeks since I blogged last. If I'm not mistaken, it was a 1 paragraph intro that I was back from Bangkok! Haha! Well, I just finished writing some of my Bangkok Travel stories and I scheduled it already after this post. I'm really hoping that this writing momentum I have now will go on and on and on :)

Almost a year ago, when Alexander McQueen released his heart shaped peeptoe pumps with neon pink sole, I was super in love!! He was such a genius creating a neon pink sole (is that a move to match the Loubs' red sole??! Hehe!)

Alexander Mc Quen Heart Peeptoe with Neon Pink Soles

He also had a peeptoe bootie version with neon pink slingback and neon pink sole as well

Good thing we don't have to rob a bank anymore to afford these babies! Hehehe! I found the perfect look for less ala McQueen! Fresh from their collection YESTERDAY, presenting to you.. Carmelletes' Peeptoe booties!

I HEART!!! This one is made of pure and genuine leather too!

They also had a beige one with navy blue soles :)

Visit any Carmelletes branch in these malls: Crossings Shangri La, Ali Mall Cubao, Greenhills, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, and SM Southmall or hit their website at:
They have drool-worthy upcoming styles which are part of their holiday collection! I can't wait!! It's definitely in my watchout list!! Ghetto B will give you the lowdown when it hits the stores :)

Ghetto B

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: Black Peeptoes

Good Morning Sunshine! Our favorite Friday is here again! :)

Aside from the little black dress, a girl must own at least one black shoe! For me, I own several kinds!! From black pumps, slingbacks, peeptoe, gladiator heels, and ballet flats. They're very versatile and will match whatever outfit you are wearing. Especially if you're wearing dresses, a black shoe is your go-to shoe if you're in doubt.

If there's one black shoe I'd like to have (and I have my "The Secret" dream collage to prove this hehe!), I'd like to have that coveted Christian Louboitins with the patented red soles. I'm very curious how it feels like to walk out of your room in these red soled shoes with sky high heels. What I'm sure about is that you'll feel the prettiest and sexiest afterwards! You'd get the feeling on how it is to be to strut the red carpet and have the paparazzis take your picture. Most of the celebrities wear their Loubs when they have parties to attend. Loubs never, ever fail them.

Olivia Palermo pairing her Loubs for a casual day with skinny jeans and soft blazer

Anne Hathaway at the Get Smart Red Carpet Premiere with her Louboitin pumps

Lauren Conrad out and about NYC with her tube dress and peep toe Louboitins


Christian Louboitin


Tiffany Black Satin Peeptoe Heels.
It was the last pair for only Php 549.75. Then lo and behold, it was on 10% sale!!!
I only paid Php 495.00!

Front View

Side view of the heel height. Heel height is 3.5 - 4 inches


I was really happy for my uncovered gem! The Look for Less isn't it?????!! :-)

Ghetto B

Photos from:;;

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghetto B is drooling: Boat Shoes

Happy Saturday girlies! I have another thing I'm drooling on again.. BOAT SHOES!

Boat shoes?!?! What the hell am I interested in boat shoes? Hahaha!  First things first. Boat shoes, as the name suggests, are commonly used by sailors. According to wikipedia "have rubber soles that gives enough grip on a wet deck; the leather construction, along with the application of oil, is designed to repel water. Modern boat shoes were invented by Paul Sperry after noticing his dog's ability to run over ice or snow."

Classic Boat Shoes by Sperry

Today, topsiders/sperrys are not just being used by sailors only or by men for that matter. It has become a fashion trend now for the ladies as well with all the new styles coming out of the market.I already have looks in my mind to go with it like shorts or cropped pants and sport the preppy look heehee! Here are some new styles you might be interested to wear too:

Rockport Boat Shoes for Women

Get the look for less from Forever 21's Boat Shoes

And the cutest of them all.. Gucci leather boat shoes for your stylish toddler! Haha! Costs USD 275++!! Available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Costs a fortune for a kid's shoe! Well you pay for Gucci, eh?! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Ghetto B

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot off the Press: Payless Shoe Source Now in Manila!

Good Morning from Little Miss Sunshine! Monday blues are officially over and it's just a couple of days again before the week ends hehehe! :)

Last month, Manila's fashionistas went gaga over the opening of Forever 21 in SM Megamall. Up until now, the lines are still long (both in the fitting room and cashier) and we just can't get enough of what's in store. What you saw in the first week, 99% sure that you won't see it again the next time you visit because turnover of merchandise is super quick. New styles are coming every now and then.

Last July 29, Store Specialists Incorporated (SSI) offcially launched here in Manila the retail shoe chain from the US called Payless Shoe Source.

To those who have been to the States, for sure you guys have been at least once to this store to HOARD cheapo footwear but very chic as well. It's like a candy store but for shoes! haha! When you go inside, the shoes are arranged by size. They have shoes for women, men, and kids and accessories too! (Remember that Patricia Field did a collaboration with Payless for the clover pendant Sarah Jessica Parker wore on Sex and the City 2?)

So for example, I'm a size 5, I go straight to the racks containg all size 5 shoes. You can also select whether you're a 5 wide (as some girls have a wide foot). Everything's already there from ballet flats, booties, sneakers, sandals, etc. There's also a sale rack where everything is on sale. So just imagine your lost self amidst all the shoes! :)

When I last went to the States, the best buy I had from Payless was an Airwalk slip-on sneakers (similar to the Vans shoe style of the boys wherein there's no shoe lace). It's pink and brown upper canvas with a geometric design and for only *drumroll please* USD 5 !! It was the last pair on sale and it's on my size. Lucky me that I have small feet hehehe! On top of that, since I bought it in New Jersey, there's not sales tax! So I paid exactly 5 bucks! :)

Here's a picture of the Airwalk slip-on sneakers. Just imagine it color brown and with shapes on it. Just grabbed this from the website! :)

What's good about Payless is that they also follow the trend of collaborating with designers like Target with Anya Hindmarch bags, H&M did Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Madonna, and most recently I think Sonia Rykiel. Forever 21 is doing a collaboration as well too. It's like letting the consumers "experience" the designer feel but at an afforable price. Currently Payless' designer collaborations include Alice + Olivia, Patricia Field, and Christian Siriano (from Project Runway fame).

Payless Shoe Source is in Festival Mall Alabang which is suuuuuuperrrrr far from where I live.I'm from the extreme north and Festival Mall is way down south. But good news is, they're set to open in other branches soon like Shangri La Plaza, SM Megamall, Rockwell, and some other malls. I'm not sure though what are the price points here compared to the US. Hope that the price is at par like in the States or if not just a little bit high so it can be afforded by the Filipina shopaholics :)

I checked out the Payless website and browsed some shoes I'd want for myself  *wink*

Chrisitan Siriano for Payless Parisienne Exotic Platform Pump

Alice + Olivia for Payless Jazz Oxford

Montego Bay Club Mork Mirrored Sling

Visit the Payless Shoe Source Offcial Website so you can see for yourself what's the fuss about ;-)

Have you visited the Payless Shoe Source in Manila already? How was it??! I'd just wait for the other stores to open near my place because I totally can't travel down South  hehehehe!

Ghetto B

Friday, August 6, 2010

Would you wear: Clogs

Thank God it's Friday!!! :) I've waited for this for weeks now and it's finally here! I've been too busy and nerdy in the past few weeks that I've somehow missed my life as well as writing some posts :)

Anyways, back in the late 90s, my aunt in the states sent me slip-on clogs (the one with wooden soles). One was in brown leather and one was in black suede. I super duper loved it because it was comfy and at the same time fashion! I was proud wearing it since I felt that I was the only girl wearing one (I didn't see anyone my age sporting clogs like me).

Zoom in 10 years forward, I see lots of clogs again and  the trend is coming back! Most of the spring 2010 trends feature clogs in their runway shows. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander Wang used clogs in their collection.

Clogs are super hot right now that of course, celebrities are the first ones who get the dibs on it! I personally like the Jeremy Campbell clogs!! And voila! I see Miley Cyrus in a nautical look (just like me hehe!) with her hot boyfriend Liam Hemsworth while wearing her brown Jeremy Campbell clogs.

Jeremy Campbell

Miley Cyrus

Super fashionista Rachel Bilson pairs her clogs with a black blazer, wayfarers, and cuffed boyfriend jeans for look number 1 and her sling back black clogs with a short day dress for look number 2.

Rachel Bilson

Ashley Olsen does her errands wearing her clogs. Pairing with denim cutoffs and her coffee in tow, she's ready to do lots of stuff in the day.

Ashley Olsen

How to wear clogs
  • If you're wearing pants, clogs work best with skinny jeans or cigarette pants which you can cuff in in the ankes.
  • To use your clogs to strut during the daytime, you can pair it with a romper, shorts, or a denim mini skirt. Pairing it with your favorite day dress alos works.
With all of these, I think I want to buy clogs again! How about you? Would you sport clogs this time around? :)

Ghetto B

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IT- Shoe for the Guys: Sueno de Espadrilles and Paez Shoes

I've seen my brothers and their friends wearing this somewhat "IT-shoe" of the moment. I was wondering then.. is this the new footwear craze the guys are into? Well, I got the answer straight from's a BIG YES!!! Hahaha!

Espadrilles are either flat or heeled sandals which have a canvas upper fabric and a sole either made of rubber or rope material. The rope thingy is called Jute rope sole which makes the espadrille an espadrille. I've read in wikipedia's description on espadrilles that traditonal espadrilles have a canvas upper with a toe and vamp cut in one piece and seamed to the rope sole at the sides. The term espadrilles was a French word, espanderya, which is a Mediterranean grass used in making rope. Espadrilles are super comfortable because the natural fibre moulds to the feet's countour. Espadrilles became super popular in the 1980's. I remember my dad and uncles before wearing one. Now, it's making its waves back once again at for the younger generation's shoe closet.

Manila boys, you can get your fix of Espadrilles at Sueno de Espadrilles. What's good about their store, is that women, men, and the kids can have their own espadrille with a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from and not just the traditional/classic one! I think the classic /slip on one retails for around Php 600

Classic style espadrilles at Sueno de Espadrilles

On the other hand, there's another shoe brand which is taking Manila by storm! Paez Shoes. Paez Philippines has brought this Argentinian brand into our country. Paez shoes are 100% handmade, made of soft Argentine canvass, cushioned leather insole, EVA rubber sole, and elastic panel for ultimate comfort and fit! Like the espadrilles, Paez shoes will also stretch and shape like your feet's countour which will make walking comfortable. They retail for around Php 1,800/pair. Sharing with you brother dear's Paez's :)

Paez Shoes in Solid Black

Paez Shoes in Jailbird Blue
Visit Sueno de Espadrilles at The Podium, 4th floor and Greenbelt 5 and Paez Shoes at Rustan's Department stores. You may also click their websites: and

I'm tempted to buy myself one! Hehehe! Too bad my feet's too small that I can't borrow my 2 brother's shoes ;-)

Ghetto B

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ghetto B is drooling: YSL Tribute Sandals

Happy Saturday girlies! :) What are your plans for the long weekend?? I'm definitely pumped up because I'm gonna be busy and be with all my girl friends from Saturday to Wednesday! :) A couple of birthday celebratons over the weekend and movie watching next week!

Today I'm gonna voice out my drooling moment for the YSL Tribute Sandals. I've seen this shoe worn by local celebrities such as Kris Aquino, Mariel Rodriguez, and Anne Curtis and stylish hollywood celebs I love like The City's Olivia Palermo and The Hills' Lauren Conrad. I think if there's an IT-bag, this is the IT-shoe (with a pair of a Christian Louboitins pumps too!) When worn with a dress or in jeans, it makes the outfit and the legs really flattering! I love the red, nude, and camel colored one as well.

Take a closer look what the YSL Tributes look like and some specs:

  • Price tag: Around USD 760 (I'd rather spend this amount for a ticket to Europe! haha!)
  • Heel height: It has 5 1/2 inch covered heels. But there's like a 1 inch platforms at the front.. making it just around 4 1/2 inches in heel height when worn
  • Style: Crescent toe, Padded in-sole, Leather lining and sole, T-strap upper with adjustable ankle strap buckle

Olivia Palermo rocking looking
uber chic with her YSL Tributes

Lauren Conrad in a paparazzi shot below with
skinny jeans, plaid top, and her YSL Tributes.

Are you feeling and digging these Tributes as well? :) How I wish I could find a dupe here or a local shoe manufacturer can make their own artistic version of the Tributes hehe! :)
Ghetto B
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