Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ghetto B wears her first eyeglasses (Part 2)

At last!! After a series of votations and consultations for my first glasses, I finally bought.... neither! Here's what I was deciding on before (click here). Hahahaha! I got a combination of both my choices!. My frames are in cat eye and has a tortoise shell color. See below what I got in detail

There's a tortoise detail (square shaped) beside the Kenneth Cole logo/brand. 

See the cat eye frame!  I love that the color is gradient so it doesn't look so strong with my face
Here's moi in my Kenneth Cole frames (this is me using my camera phone sneaking a pic during lunch break hehehe!)
What do ya think? Do I look nerdy? Hahahahaa! I'm stuggling still with my frames. I'm really not used to wearing something. I got this from The Optical Shop! Good thing I got this frames on sale, including the lens! The frames cost Php 5,500. and the lens Php 1,000. Total to Php 6,500. My glasses also comes with a good black leather case. Sushal!!! Hehehe! :)
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ghetto B wears her first eyeglasses

I said to myself before that the moment I lose my perfect 20/20 vision, I will definitely cry. Weeks back, I have been experiencing some headaches (maybe because I get tired of a whole day's work of facing the laptop) and I experience glares at night when I drive. I knew I needed to have my eyes checked so during our annual physical examination, I told the optometrist what I have been experiencing. He told me that one of eyes has a 20/25 vision. But since it's already late, my eyes may be already strained. I still needed another opinion to confirm if indeed my eyes are not 20/20. Luckily, I had it checked again and it is still 20/20 (hooooraaayyyy!!!).
The optometrist said that I need glasses to wear during work when I use the laptop to protect my eyes and lessen the glare when I drive at night. The Optical Shop at Gateway has a Sale that time so luckily, I got my lenses for 1,000 only (it's priced regularly at Php 1,200). The hard part was looking for the perfect frames!!  dont' want to look NERDY and GRANDMA-looking since it's my first time I'm really not used to wearing glasses. I'm not even a sunglasses person. After some scouting, I found myself two kinds: Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole.
Left: Tommy Hilfiger in Tortoise
Right: Kenneth Cole in Black and in cat eye style
(pardon the pics, it's from my camera phone! And the glasses aren't positioned properly!)
Before purchasing,  I took photos of the 2 choices I have to see which one looks better on me. 20% voted for Tommy and 80% voted for Kenneth. I'm torn because I like black but I think it's too strong for me? I like tortoise but the shape of Tommy is not cat eye (and I like to have a cat eye frame).
I also checked out other celebs who have worn their glasses.
Jennifer Aniston in Oliver Peoples with a Wayfarer-like frame
Lauren Conrad in a rectangular dark-rimmed Chanel glasses

Leighton Meester in Yves Saint Laurent
Shenae Grimes in a Chanel tortoise shell frame
I will let you know next time what glasses I purchased! Suspense!!! *wink*
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clarifying Shampoo 101: Why need to use clarifying shampoo every now and then

I used to ask myself the question: Why do we need clarifying shampoos? Is there a need to clarify our hair? I will help in clarifying this if you have the same question as I did before :) I learned my answer way back from Askmewhats' post on clarifying shampoo

First things first, have you ever had that feeling that your hair is extra greasy or dull or doesn't feel or look the same? Our hair accumulates stuff over time from all the products we put, combined with external environmental factors. What the clarifying shampoo does is too clarify and eliminate all these stuff in our hair, restoring it to its very natural state. It's like doing hair detoxification! Hehe.

I think we should use clarifying shampoos every 2 weeks or depending on how you feel about your hair. When taking a bath, use a clarifying shampoo then rinse. Then use your shampoo then rinse after. After which all the product buildup and residue will be gone when you rinse. I think we should at least have 1 clarifying shampoo on standby.

Some try to alternate their shampoos every now and then to avoid product build up. In my case, I always use Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol as my shampoo alternative to my regular shampoo. I like the menthol feeling and I think I have accumulated dandruff too so at least I get to get rid of it. My hair feels great after!

Head and Shoulders

I also scoured the web for the best clarifying shampoos out there. Here's what I found out and I will like to try it as well.

Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Essensity Clarifying Shampoo

Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue Formula


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Yay or Nay: Benefit Cosmetics' That Gal Brightening Face Primer

I'm one of the persons which likes to try first a sample size or test it first before I jump in buying it in, whether be a big size or do a repeat purchase.

That Gal contains light reflecting pigments that makes one's face appear "brigher" and "glowing". Brighter and glowing skin means "blooming" in my vocabulary so I wanted to try for myself the said product.
Benefit's That Gal

  • Cute packaging and a pink primer! Yes. Pink colored primer is a YAY for me :) I'm shallow like that.
  • Good primer to use before applying foundation as it makes makeup application smoother
  • There's a "healthy glow" afterwards which I like since it's like brightening your face
  • When I do retouching after lunch at work, I notice that my oil control film is full of oil! I guess it doesn't do that much oil control.

I am not yet finished with my sample tube and I still have Benefits' Porefessional to compare it from next time. I feel that it's like your usual BB cream but without the skincare benefits and SPF. But I like that since it's small, I can easily tuck it in my bag and apply it should I need a retouch midday.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Button-down shirts every girl must own

In every girl's closet, there are basic essentials that must be there! These are the items that will withstand any fashion fad and will always be perfect to mix and match. I want to share with you my button downs that have been with me for years now but still works well for me! I have invested in quality and not quantity. Proper care of the garments also count so as to have a long "relationship" with them. Hehehe!
Crisp white shirt
Almost all the fashion experts have rated this item as one of the basic essentials every girl must own. Pair it with jeans, trousers, skirt, shorts. Very timeless! I have 2 pieces from Gap with 2 different kinds of fabric

Black shirt
My alternative to my crisp white shirt. This one is from Mango.
Chambray and Plaid shirts
Chambray and plaid shirts are my fool-proof outfits if I don't know what to wear during the day. I can pair them with almost anything and just get my trusted ballet flats and I'm good to go.
Plain and Printed tops
Chambray-looking colored cotton shirt and printed hearts one. Both items I got in Bangkok. What I like about them is that they're veryyyyyyyy soft and comfy. With a humid weather here in Manila, I don't mind wearing button down tops with fabrics like these. For the plain one, I just add on some accessories like a statement neckpiece or just wear my pearls and for the printed top, it can stand on its own so as to have focus on the hearts :)
Ultra Feminine tops
Another colored top with a chinese collar with ruched sleeves and a beige and black number with pleats. Both I got from Granville in Hong Kong. They have chiffon-like fabrics and not your usual button-down as they are very girly. For special occassions or meeting that you want to dress to impress, you can wear something like this.
Look at our favorite hollywood A-listers on how they wore their button downs when whether they are or they are not strutting the red carpet.
Emma Roberts
Malin Akerman

Kristin Cavallari

Ashley Olsen
Lauren Conrad
Cameron Diaz
Whitney Port
Start reviewing your closet now and see if you have the essentials too!! :)
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yay or Nay: Nyx Round Lipstick in Spellbound

This is my first ever Nyx round lipstisck purchase. I have read and seen swatches of it from several beauty bloggers. After some thinking and more thinking, I bought my very own Nyx in Spellbound! I chose this shade since I don't have any bright pink or fuschia yet. Here are my two cents on it:
Nyx Spell Bound

See the bright pink tube!
Without flash
With flash

  •  Pigmented and very vibrant color on the lips! I do have dark outline on my lips but the color sits perfectly on it. I'm a MAC NC40 and this colors suits those girls with my olive colored skin tone.
  • Excited to have other colors since they have a wide range of colors
  • Doesn't have enough staying power as it easily gets removed when eating or drinking.
I bought mine over Digital Traincase and I will still other colors that I think I don't still have. I also want to try Nyx Matte and the Lip creme. A girl just can't have too many lippies!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Must-have iPhone 5 cases

Sometimes I find myself loitering around several sites that aren't available in Manila. Just the thought of it makes my mind see different inspirations or see several things that are new to my eye. I do have several iPhone cases which I bought, some were gifted to me... but like perfumes, you can change your iPhone case depending on your mood! I saw some interestingly CUTE, PRETTY, CLASSY cases! Here are my top picks from Nordstrom.


Ted Baker

Jonathan Adler

Jimmy Choo!!

The price range of the cases is from around Php 1,500 - Php 4,000. And the Jimmy Choo pink case is a whopping Php 10,000!!!!! Mygulay! In my dreams :p


Ghetto Gurls

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 2 new fragrances for date and for work: Marry me by Lanvin and Weekend by Burberry

I'm a person who is into fragrances. My dresser is lined up with pretty looking bottles. Every morning, I spray something or carry a bottle that suits my mood. During my last trip to HK, I managed to buy 2 new scents to add to my collection: Marry me! by Lanvin and Weekend by Burberry
Marry me! by Lanvin
*Combination of Tunisian bitter orange and sambac jasmine. Floral-fruity combo
*Smells feminine and girly
*The bottle has fuschia ribbons to add elegance! Added points! :)
*I can imagine this on date nights! As the name suggests, you might get your man to give your ring! Hehehe :)

Weekend by Burberry
*Fragrance with musk, vanilla, peach, orchid, marigold. It's not something that I would typically like. But for some reason, I'm getting used to it.
*As the name suggests, perfect for Weekends! But I think this fragrance suits me to work. I feel "empowered" when I wear this... gives me that extra zest of confidence

Do you plan to do some perfume-shopping anytime soon? These 2 are highly recommended!!! :)
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summer Inspiration: Madewell Spring 2013 Lookbook

Summer is here!! But my closet is not yet prepared! Hehehe! I've been searching for some fashion inspiration on what looks to wear for the summer outings. I've stumbled upon the Madewell website (which is by the way a "sister" brand of J. Crew) and saw my fashion pegs!! Here are my pics.. in which you can check ur closet if you have similar pieces or should you hit the mall, you know what pieces to look for to recreate the look.



Ghetto Gurls

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I drool Hollywood A-lister's flip flops of choice: TKEES

I read from the Baghag diaries' blog post about Tkees sandals. She mentioned there that these are the what our favorite Hollywood celebrities have been wearing if they are just doing errands and not. Almost ALL OF MY FAVORITE CELEBRITIES own at least one pair. Looking at the sandals, they are not just your rubber slippers. They are more casual and classy looking. You can pair it with your skinny jeans, shorts, maxi dress.. the possibilities are endless!

From the Tkees website, I learned that they wanted to create a sandal "that would disappear from your foot" so it would look like you are walking barefoot." Then they created the Tkees line, which they called "cosmetics for your feet". They divided their collection into sub-lines which include: Foundations, Creams, Lines, Glosses, Highlighters, French tip to name a few. So for example in foundations, they have several colors that would match your feet's skin tone, just like a foundation! Think of your regular MAC foundation, it's like selecting NC42, NC40, NC30, etc.. Get the drift? To give you further example:

*Liners - just imagine your regular eye liner, it's usually black, brown, charcoal, right? Tkees do have the same! The straps are either black, brown, or charcoal looking..

*Glosses - Like your regular lip gloss, the glosses line of Tkees boasts of shiny and glossy colors like pink, reds, peachy nudes, etc.

Since I want a pair from the foundation line, I should select a color from their variety of colors just like the one below

Foundation shades to match your feet's skin tone: Beach bum (the darkest on the right side), Coco Butter, Sun Kissed, Sea Shell. I saw on the website there's a darker shade than Beach Bum and it's called Mocha.

Since I'm not yet sure what to get that matches my feet's skin tone I'm torn between Beach Bum and Coco Butter. Their shades are really close!! But I'm sure it will depend how well they will blend with my feet.
Would you go gaga over these???! It's like being in a candy store!!

You would notice our favorite hollywood girls were spotted wearing the foundation line, which looks like they are wearing barefoot. And thus, I would like something like this! Whatever Lauren Conrad wears, Ghetto B wear. JOKE! Hehehehe!

Angelina Jolie

Blake Lively

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba

Lauren Conrad

Rachel Bilson

Good thing here in the Philippines, we can now have access to TKEES! You can go to The Flatshop in the Connecticut Arcade at Greenhills (you can check their facebook site just search the flat shop). There are so many to choose from so it would be better if you can personally try it on. Or better yet, if you want hassle-free shopping, TKEES are available at Zalora for Php 2,399.00 and they go straight to your doorstep!

Happy shopping!!! Do your summer essentials list now and put Tkees on top!


Ghetto Gurls
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