Friday, April 5, 2013

Foodtrip: Relish, Hello Happiness!

Finally!! All 3 of us siblings have gradauted from college! Goodbye expensive, tuition fees for the parents! It was my brother's graduation dinner so after the ceremonies we all went to celebrate by eating out for dinner! It was our first time to try Relish, Hello Happiness at Tomas Morato area.

Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the foyer and the interiors. SUPER SUPERB!! Really warm, homey, and perfect for intimate catch-up.

See the paper table mat! Cute right??!?!

We ordered this for appetizer Gourmet tomato pesto with cheese spread! YUM.

This entree is big! Good for 2 pax.
Relish Roasted Chicken Garlic, Lemon, and Oregano. This is half chicken!

Hickory smoked barbecue pork belly .
Big serving! You can share this!

Seafood pomodoro

Wild mushroom with truffle oil.
This is my order!!! Lovetttt!!! I wasn't able to finish this plate so I asked my brother to finish it.

Chimichuri Chicken Kebabs
My brother just can't get over how gooooooood this is. For him, this is his new favorite! I was too full that I wasn't able to take a bite hehe!

Cookie dough cheesecake
Sweet tooth owners, rejoice!! This is heaven! I love the consistency, texture, sweetness!

Special Relish Delight
It's like a crushed ice/vanila ice cream on top with buko gelatin. One of their specialties

Le brother! Successfully graduating from college!! I handed him one of my grad presents: personalized autograph from UFC star Mark Munoz ;)

The whole fam bam celebrating the big day! Everyone's happy!

Highly recommended!! Will definitely be back next time.
Very affordable meals with a 5 star ambience!!! Worth every cent I paid.
Interior rocks, food rocks, service rocks, and parking rocks too (they have valet service)

Definitely, hello happiness!!


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  1. I envy you "north" girls Tomas Morato--there are SO many food-hopping options. Well I guess living in BF Homes is also kind of like that, too, haha. That cookie dough cheesecake looks positively sinful. I ought to check this out if I ever see it (though I'm rarely in that area, and that avenue is a looong stretch).

  2. Delish!!
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