Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Watsons find: Battery-powered toothbrush

On my way home from work, I always pass by Watsons. Whether to buy another bottle of conditioner, sanitary napkin or refill my facial cleanser stash. Watsons has evolved since the time it arrived in the Philippines. Now, they carry lots of brands that I see in Watsons HK. On top of that, they have their own Watsons line wherein one can definitely get savings!
I chanced upon this battery-operated tooth brush! I was always amused ever since with this one. I wondered how it feels to brush my teeth with bristles swivling over and over my teeth and gums. Upon seeing the affordable price, I jumped in!
My Watson Power Toothbrush

I bought refills so that I can change it monthly! One set gives me 4 heads

The bottom part is where you insert 2 AA batteries

The top part is the detachable head from the body

To make my smile even brighter, I bought Watsons mint dental floss too! :)

At first, I was feeling extra weird with the vibrating sensation while brushing haha! But I feel my teeth are extra clean! Because the action is doubled since the bristles are working extra hard in cleaning it.
I'm very happy with my Watsons finds!! :) Now I can flash that mega watt smile without having to break the bank ;-) The toothbrush costs around Php 500+ only while those you find in the market usually ranges from Php 800 and above! While the refills cost Php 100+ and the dental floss is like Php 40. Not bad right? :)
Ghetto gurls


  1. I have the same toothbrush as yours, bought it at Watsons a few days ago. But I was surprised by the price. I bought mine for Php200 only (well, I live in Cagayan de Oro so that might be the case). And oh, I agree with you that your teeth becomes extra clean :) I never regretted buying one :D

  2. In had mine today. But it isn't working at all. I wish its just the battery brand. I used the cheap AA kasi e. Ano po bang battery gamit nyo

  3. I bought mine earlier, and its now working too! :(

  4. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

  5. It is true that some electronic toothbrush is expensive also the battery, But having an electric toothbrush makes for longer, more thorough teeth brushing compared to the regular one. That’s why I bought an electronic toothbrush at (, almost 4 months ago. I’m also lousy when it comes to cleaning my teeth, that’s the main reason why I bought it haha!


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