Friday, January 25, 2013

What is the Argan Oil craze all about?

My fascination with argan oil began late last year when I've been reading and seeing women raving about this latest nature wonder on magazines and social media. The only thing I know about it is that it IS EXPENSIVE and the price is worth every cent, due to almost all the testimonials I've read and heard.

Argan oil fast facts
  • Comes from the nuts of the Argan tree, found mostly in Morocco
  • Very HIGHLY VALUED oil because it is very rare and production is limited
  • Highly in demand for cosmetic use

  • Skin benefits
  • It has anti-aging properties which prevents wrinkles, acne, blemishes
  • Helpful in curing burns on the skin
  • Strengthens discolored nails and restores nail bed to health
  • It has Omega 6 and Vitamin F content, which provides moisture. With this moisture, it is easy to turn old skin to a vibrant and new one. So for example if you have acne scars or burns, it will easily heal.

  • Hair benefits

    • Useful in getting rid of dandruff
    • Nourishes your hair by helping prevent split ends and tames frizzy hair
    • Promotes hair growth and prevents hair damage if used properly

    With all of these, I'm itiching to try the argan oil craze and I have some products for my hair I've been eyeing for quite some time now.

    Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

    Snoe Hair Heroes

    I'm hessitant to try the argan oil for my face, given that it has tons of healing and skincare benefits. That's why I am trying it on my hair first. One of the reasons that is holding me back is the pricetag of a small bottle of the oil. Kurips!! But then again, skincare shouldn't be scrimped on. It's an investment! Maybe next time if I get extra moolah, I'll save some for argan oil. Second is my sensitive skin .. I'm just not comfortable YET to splashing some oil direct on to my face. Hehehehe! but let's see.. that will be one of my bucket list for 2013.
    Ghetto gurls


    1. I wanted to try Argan Oil on my color-treated hair but I heard it makes the scalp itchy and leaves residue. That turned me off.
      Once you've tried it out, please write a review! :)

      If you want to try oil on your face try Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Oil! It is amazing! :)


      1. Hi April! I think ok nga Human nature eh. Been reading reviews na okay all their products. Will try nga one soon. Thanks for the reco! ;)

    2. hi girls!

      try viewing this page...

      & this...

      i haven't tried this product though and cannot vouch its end result.

    3. Hi Girl...thanks for dropping by and for the comments but I will let Ghetto B answer you since this is her post.

      Ghetto B,

      Kurips ka nga! Well i have actually bought a couple of bottles of Argan Oil from one of the deal sites and I am currently trying it on my face laloo which simply means that I am the braver ghetto! Anyway so experimenting stage pa lang ako ngayon and I will do a review if I do get results.


      Ghetto S


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