Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going gaga over Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter

I am personally a fan of Trader Joe's, way back 2008. I went on a US vacation and stayed with my aunt and uncle's place in Daly City, California. The neighborhood Trader Joe's is just walking distance so everytime we need to stock up, we have ther ever reliable TJ to help us hehe!
Now, I see their #1 and best selling product over the social media (Facebook, Instagram) about this much coveted spread. I saw Quina Pastry Shop and Restaurant 's Facebook account once they were selling limited number of jars and it didn't even reach the stores since upon posting it online, it already got sold out. So what the fuss about the cookie butter is all about????

  • Imagine that it's peanut butter but made of cookies instead of peanuts
  • They said it's like a spreadable gingerbread
  • Perfect on spreading on your melba toasts, bread, cookies, or using it for baking
  • With my Googling powers,"Speculoos" are spiced cookies popular in France, Belgium, Netherlands during the holidays
Next time Quina gets a new batch to resell, I will definitely get one! They sell it at Php 425.00 per bottle. Super curious what's the fuss all about? My taste buds are sooo excited!!
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