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Ghetto S Travels: Hawaii -- Wake me up in Waikiki (Day 1)

Wow...I didn't realize that the ghettos was MIA for more than a year.  Our excuse was we were both busy but I guess it was just lack of time management. After all, ghettos are ghettos. lol.  Anyway, so I was quite lucky to close my 2012 with a fantastic trip to not just anywhere but in one of the places in my bucket list--Hawaii!!!

Ignorance excuses no one and although I love geography as a subject, I still didn't know that Hawaii has 8 islands consisting of : Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Maui and the island of Hawaiʻi. The latter is the largest and is often called "The Big Island" to avoid confusion with the state as a whole.  Oahu also known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the most populous of the islands in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The state capital, Honolulu, is on Oʻahu's southeast coast. That is where I went.

Hawaii took my breathe away.  It was very beautiful.  We stayed there for 5 days only leaving after Christmas in the Manila and arriving Christmas in Oahu.  So I actually had 2 Christmases which is pretty amazing.  5 days was not enough to go around the island but we have to make the best out of our trip there.  I was lucky enough that I had a very good friend of mine in the island who was kind enough to welcome me to her home and took me around the island.

We were famished when we arrived so my friend took us at Eggs and Everything.  It is a famous brekkie hangout place in Oahu.
Best braekfast!  Thanks to the Monsale's for taking us there.  But I think it was expensive.  One order without the drinks costs 13.5 USD without tax.  The serving is quite big so you can actually share it.

After filling our tummies, we are now ready to start our first day adventure and our first trip is Waikiki.  We spent our first day walking around the famous Waikiki.  By first day, I mean after we freshened up from the Airport straight from our 10 hr flight.  But there is no time to waste.  I am in an amazing race adventure.  First off, we strolled along the shopping area.  The hot bods walking were already divine sites to adore.  Can't help but took a few photos of some abs to show Ghetto B.  As I walk past the shopping stores and surfer dudes walking, I am thinking about Ghetto B and wondered in my mind what kind of ghettoness will she exhibit on that area.  At this point, we all know that Ghetto B can simply surprise me with her over the top ghettoness.  I pay respect to the fact that she is the queen of ghettos.  And oh, did I mention that it is legal to walk around the streets of Hawaii dressed in your lingerie disguised as swimsuit?  Well a lot of people there were walking half naked and stand tall as if they are in some corporate attire and yet no one cares. Maybe except some ghetto.
Ghetto S in the shopping area of Waikiki.

Waikiki Beach

It was my first ever to enter my favorite store! Victoria's Secret!!! If there was no one looking, I would have kissed the floor for good luck--good luck enough to earn me a spot as a Victoria's Secret angel perhaps?

After strolling past the Waikiki shopping area, it was our time to lounge on the beach for a little while and admire the beauty of waikiki.  The beach is pretty crowded.  As in crowded with surfers and "sun tanners" despite the fact that it was cold (it was winter season in Decemeber, they call it winter because its cold but there is no snow so don't bring a jacket, a cardigan will do) in all shapes and sizes and ages. It would be nice to bring some flash cards there to score the passerby but i opted not to because I love my life. And oh, there are surf rentals everywhere too.

Since it is Christmas Day after all. Some friends of my friend, Julie was super kind enough to open their home to us to have Christmas dinner with them ala Hawaiian style?  Well thats what I keep on calling it.

Simple breathtaking, isn't it?  The weather was gloomy that day so the sky isn't blue. So imagine if it was sunny today.

View from their house.  My friend told me that it was even more beautiful there had the weather been good.

Christmas in Hawaii with an old girlfriend:) I haven't seen this girl for more than a decade and it was really great catching up with her.  Lucky Me!

I will tell you about my 2nd day and more of my Hawaii island adventure on my next post.

Until then ghettos!

P.S. Please feel free to ask me any questions about Hawaii because I may have the tendency to forget some information to share here and I will gladly answer them for you.


Ghetto S

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