Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ghetto B tries: Round glasses trend

Would you wear round glasses like what John Lennon used before? Check out the stylish hollywood celebrities in their round glasses.

Kourtney Kardashian
Nicole Richie
Mary Kate Olsen
.....and my round glasses!!! This is me during a trip to Bangkok hehe :)
Watchatink?! I got this for 100 baht. Around Php 1.50. Winner!
Ghetto Gurls


  1. merond in ako! when we meet up we should wear one and take a pic! :D miss you Ghetto B!

    1. AMW!! alam nakita ko yan! meron kang isang set ng fly shades!! tapos meron dun isang round nga! dapat suotin natin net time!!:) hehehehe! yey! sana sa umaga /hapon tayo meet kse mukha tayong timang pag gabi sa greenbelt haha :D


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