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Ghetto B shares: What's in your Makeup Kit?

I first fell in love with makeup and skincare with my "mentor/guru/consultant/sister/friend/make up artist expert" all rolled into one, Askmewhats! I clearly remember how I volunteered to be her guinea pig when she was starting to practice make up. My acidic and oily face was her canvass haha! I still remember the day she wrote her first post on her blog and how her dear brother pushed her to write more. Fast forward to now, she still IS my #1 beauty consultant and beauty supplier as well hehehe!! I love the lootbags she surprises as all the time! Sharing is caring :p

Anyways, the contents of my make up kit are "inspired" by the things I learned from her. Like to get a foundation lighter than my skin tone, a universal blush that looks good on almost all kinds of skin to me, to prep the lips before applying lipstick by using a lip balm first and many more. Take a peek of what's inside my makeup kit :)
My newest make up kit! Tory Burch!! Gifted to me by one of the bosses at work! SUPER LOVE!. It is very roomy and spacious!
See!!?? Isn't it the cutest?
Here's a quick background of my everyday makeup routine. Before I leave the house, I make sure that I have already applied BB cream on my face or a makeup primer or moisturizer (depends on my mood! hehehe). I do my makeup in the car for the whole duration of my travel from our house to the office. I have been expert on that :p The contents of my makeup kit are very basic. I don't even have eyeshadow in it. I just need the essentials. Each items is numbered so I can explain in detail hehehe! Sorry for the preschooler look. Hahaha! I just used MS Paint to put the numbers :p

  1. Nyx concealer in a jar - this is my second pot! Best underye concealer I have ever tried. Best in coverage and best in price! I was told this is like a Makeup For Ever dupe :)
  2. Mac studio fix in NC40 - my forever foundation. If I will be trapped in an island and have to bring one makeup, I have to say it's my NC40. The good thing about this is that I can use it light or build coverage. I'm acidic so after a few minutes of application of this, it blends into my skin perfectly :)
  3. Nars blush in orgasm -hands down, best blush ever! I like that it has subtle gold speckles. And it compliments my skin tone (i'm morena/olive). I like the peachy pink effect of it. I have been very loyal with it already since 2008.
    1. Prestige blush brush - I have tried several blush brushes but this one has the perfect bristles. It picks up the right amount of blush I need. Not to heavy and not too light. I have this with me for years now. I just take care of it so we can still have more years to share. Hehe! It also has the right length so it fits all of my make up kits before and now.
  4. Skinfood eyebrow pencil in choco - Before, I would just use eyebrow pencils when I have an exra special thing to go to. My first eyebrow powder pencil was from L'oreal and it was like a gasoline on a Ford expedition --- it goes by so fast! Hehehe! Then I was gifted by a Skinfood gift certificate one time and I bought this one. From then on, I loved it! It's very inexpensive and it really delivers/does the job! I think they only have 2-3 shades. I got the choco powder one. I love that it is 2-way (one has a brush and one has the pencil) so after I line my brows, I get to brush it for a natural look.
  5. Maybelline Baby lips lip balm in mint - I always have chapped lips so it's a must for me to put some balm before lipstick or lipgloss. I lost my Carmex. It's one of the best! I also finishesd my Kiehl's lipbalm #1. So from then, I wanted to try an inexpensive lip balm. I was intrigued by the cute packaging so I gave in. Not bad!! :)
  6. Covergirl lipstick - I got my first Covergirl lipstick from Nikki (my beauty supply Santa Clause!). Since then, I liked it! Probably the best drugstore lipstick (beating Maybelline and Revlon in my opinion). I think it has the same level of quality as Mac in terms of longevity and the feeling of it in my lips. I need a lipstick that I can use everyday to work, with the quality of a Mac but at a price of a drugstore brand. I have with me Covergirl 235 in Fervor. Sometimes it does look like a Mac satin in retro (my first Mac lipstick!)
  7. Mac satin lipstick in mocha - I need an alternate to my Covergirl lipstick on days I feel I need to feel extra pretty. This one is more of the nude side.
  8. Maybelline gel liner in black - It's been a while since I bought an eye liner. I got my first liner back in 2008, when I bought a Revlon gel liner. Compared to Revlon, I love Maybelline more. I like that the gel is pigmented. Just the right amount of gel since I won't get to use a full pot anyways. I used this during our Christmas parties and tried extending my liner to have a "wing" and it got good reviews. Hahahaha! Likewise, funny that it's a gel liner that is easy to remove at night but it doesn't make my eyes panda looking the whole day. Meaning, it doesn't smudge that much. Cool!
    1. Maybelline gel liner brush - since this comes free, no need to complain. I just forget to put in my gel liner brush in my kit.
  9. Benefit They're real mascara - Most of the mascaras I have tried were from Maybelline's line. It's touted as the best drugstore mascara. More than volume, I love mascaras that provide lengthening... more of natural looking mascaras is what I'm looking for. Then Mrs. Askmewhats gave this to me as another pressie!! I love love love love this! Really makes my lashes look naturally long. And it doesn't clump!
    1. Shiseido eyelash curler - I got this one from Hong Kong. And it works just like the ever famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
  10. Tweezers - To pull out unwanted hair from my brows. I don't have my brows waxed or threaded. I don't have that high pain tolerance hehe.
  11. Lab works oil control film -  In the afternoon, I always remove excess and tons of oil through oil control films before I retouch. It's a must to do that before re-applying my foundation to avoid clogged pores.

So that's it! That's how and what I do my make my "game face" at work hahaha!
I make sure to look best amidst the work load. And my peg is... Anne Hathaway from the Devil Wears Prada. Look best, feel best!! Hahahahaha!


Ghetto B

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