Sunday, May 8, 2011

Food Trip: In-n-Out Burger

Good morning Ghetto Gurls! Another foodie post from yours truly. I really meant it when I said a week ago that I have foodie stories to share this week :)

There was this one time we had lazyness all over our bones that we didn't want to leave house that time. What we did, we went to In-N-Out burger to try the most talked about burger (in my opinion) and took our orders out and eat it all at home :)

In-N-Out burger is a fast food chain located in Western United States. Currently they have 258 locations across the United States. In-N-Out burger is known for it's good corporate practics, and it has a cult following. I,  for that matter, witnessed it first hand. We went to the store on a weekday and a non-peak hour time but the line is incredibly long. I was told that In-N-Out always have customers all day long.

What makes In-N-Out stand out from all the burgers out there is its simplicity. They have 3 kinds of burgers: hamburger, cheeseburger, and double double. Then you can order your fries, then your soda or milkshake if you like.  One quirky thing about their cups and burger wrappers is that they have printed some bible verses which reflect their Christian beliefs/practices.

In-n-Out take out bag

Fries to share for everyone

Cheeseburger and Milkshake. Heaven!

Tita Suzette and Tito John for the In-N-Out  lazy day

Ghetto B

Friday, May 6, 2011

Food Trip: Straits Restaurant

One of the best things I look forward in every travel is the food tripping. Looking back, I was very lucky to have the chance to be able to eat in several places courtesy of uncles, aunts, and friends who were very hospitable enough to treat me. It feels like being Rachel Ray or Giada de Laurentis in their travel shows and eat whatever is the specialty of that place :)

Straits Restauant  is the brainchild of chef , owner, and culinary director Chris Yeo. It serves Singaporean cuisine/Asian fusion and has 4 branches in the US (Santana Row in San Jose, Burlingame, San Francisco, Houston, and Atlanta). We were able to dine in Burlingame, California branch. When Straits opened its Atlanta branch and rapper Ludacris was one of the co-owners.

I love the minimalist and Asian feel of the table set-up and menu




Sweet Eggplant

Rack of Lamb

Merengue and mango ice cream

Thanks Helen for treating me and my cousin Effrey for some afternoon snacks :)

Ghetto B

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starbucks Happy Hour: 50% off on all Starbucks Frappuccino from 12nn to 2 PM

Happy Wednesday!

It's the middle of the week and I have something for all your lazy bones! :)
All branches of Starbucks (I guess here in Manila) is treating everyone to a 50% OFF happy hour on  all frappuccinos from 12nn to 2 PM!

 The first day was last Monday and it was a breeze. It was just who were falling in line. I thought we were the only ones who knew so we wanted to go back again for lunch the following day. Come tuesday, we went back again to have our meeting there. Lo and behold the LOOOONG LINES AND CUE! We went inside 1:10 PM, we went out of the store 2:10 PM hehehehehe! :) To have a less sinful drink, the however-you-want-it posters gave me an idea! I scrapped the whipped cream and got a non-fat milk :)

Taking a pic of my colleague with all the customers waiting for their tall, grande, and venti frappes :)

 The very accomodating baristas at Starbucks Mezzanine being super friendly despite the pressure of the long cues

 After 48 years! We got our orders! :)

The Happy Hour promo is until Sunday, May 8. So tell all your friends about it and go as early as 11:59 if you like so you won't have to wait hehehehehe!! The refreshing frappe is worth the wait.

Ghetto B

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ghetto S Travels: Dolphin Watching at Bais City, Philippines

Hello pretties!  Please do remember that another Ghetto also exists---other than my better half ghetto, Ghetto B:)  I know I have been in outer space for a while and I terribly miss you:P  Please forgive me *bats eyelashes...

Anyhoo,  since its so summer already here in our country, please allow me to share with you where I had my summer vacay.  Maybe you might be interested in going there too sometime.

I grew up in Bacolod but I never knew that I can actually see dolphins swim in their natural habitat just four hours from there.  Not until I was in Manila already.  So since I  decided to spend my April holiday in Bacolod, I made plans of seeing those dolphins with my family.  I know this experience will be different and unforgettable.  As I checked some websites, I found out that the best times to go there w ould be during the months of April to October when the water is relatively calm.  Dolphins are rarely seen when the waves are strong.  I thought…

Dolphins in natural habitat = APRIL to October

Ghetto S in natural habitat(Bacolod) = first week of APRIL

Light bulb:  Why not go see the dolphins?!  And so we did. Allow me pretty ones and handsomes to share to 
you the details about my Dolphin Watching trip at BAIS.

Dolphin Wacthing is available at BAIS City.  It is more or less 4 hours drive from Bacolod by private vehicle via Mabinay.(Please make sure to drive carefully because the road in Mabinay is Zigzag)  If you are from Dumaguete, I think it is more or less an hour drive.  If you don’t have a car, there are cars for rent available in Bacolod.  I think around 1500-1800 for a van that can carry 8-12 people.  Gas consumption is more or less one full tank for back and forth travel. 

We left Bacolod at about 4pm and arrived at Manjuyod at around 8pm. Manjuyod is a town beside Bais about 15 minutes drive.  We decided to stay in Manjuyod because my brother has a friend who owns a resort, Aroma Campuyo Resort.  The resort is simple and nice.  The beach is not that much since its not a white sand beach but still the resort is big and very affordable.  The cottages are air conditioned and clean plus they serve food like sinigang, crispy pata, tapsi and etc.  We got a family room for 1300 with 6 beds and plus 150 pesos for an extra be.  This is a basic air conditioned room with one bathroom.  Not bad, right?  
Click HERE if you wanna check Aroma Campuyo Resort at Manjuyod.

And also, even though the resort is not located at BAIS, they actually have a Dolphin Watching boat that you can rent for 3500Php for the whole day.  The boat can accommodate a maximum of 15 people.  (I suggest that you stick to this number and not risk the danger of being overloaded)  if you are more than 15, there are bigger boats that can accommodate around a maximum of 40 people.  These boats already have a griller, which will allow you to make “ihaw” and a CR, just in case you need to go to the loo anytime.  Unfortunately, the boat was already booked for the next day when we arrived at Manjuyod so I strongly suggest that you make early bookings because it would really be unfortunate if you go there and find out that all the boats are fully booked.  That would be sad.  In our case though, we decided to just set out early for Bais the next day and see if there are other boats that can still accommodate us.  We woke up around 5 am and set out for Bais.  While in Bais, we asked help from the police station to help us find the Capinahan Wharf.  They were kind enough to take us there.  At Capinahan Wharf, we talked to the boatmen, one boatman was renting his boat at 8000Php but would happily give it to us at 4500Pho for that day, he said that its good for 40 people, but betchabygolly wow, there was only 9 of us, we don’t need that boat!  And so we talked to another one. He owned a smaller boat which was good foor 15 people, perfect size.  He was renting it at 4500Php.  After bargaining, we agreed to take the boat at 3500 Php.  During my internet research prior to the trip, it was mentioned that these boats are rented at  2500Php – 3000Php.  The price increase might be due to the gasoline price increase or maybe they were just taking advantage of the fact that we are walk in clients—like we wont have a choice anymore.  So I suggest that you make early bookings and while booking you ask for your itinerary for the day.  I think that the mangrove tour is included in the IT which was not included in out IT.  In short "nautakan" kami. :p Oh well thats what you get for last minute planning.

I have read somewhere that the boat will actually be used whole day, like 7am-4pm.  But in our case, we went back to land early.  In fact, I think too early.  We started the trip at 8am and finished at 1pm.  So I suggest again that know where they will be taking you for the day.  Of course, since we were last minute bookers, I did not know our right and I kind of forgot about what I have read from the internet too. 
So here is what happened…we arrived at the Wharf 6am, after making a deal with the boatman, we went to the market to buy cooked food for breakfast,  fresh seafoods  to be grilled for lunch, cooked rice for lunch and some supplies like water, utensils and charcoals.  We arrived again at the Wharf around 730am and set off to go see the dolphins.  We had breakfast during the boat trip,  theres a table so eating Is not so hard afterall. 


If you can, do bring the stuffs that are needed like the untensils, water, chips and charcoals from the origin city(Bacolod or Dumaguete)  and only buy cooked rice and fresh seafoods at the Bais Market to save time and money.  And yes, there is a griller aboard the boat so you can grill during the boatride.

Leave your hotel/resort early.  Be sure to be at the Wharf around 5am or 6am.  The earlier, the better, the more likely you can see the Dolphins.  Please take note that there are times that you will not be able to see the dolphins.  These are when the weather is bad, the waves are strong and if you arrive really late.  The first 2 are beyond your control, you can only pray for good weather and calm waves but the last one would depend on you.

We were very lucky at that time because God was good and he made the sky blue and clear.  We arrived at the Tanon Strait at around 8am.  Our boat went around and around… until we spotted them!!! Swimming and playing with us!!! 

The boatman told me that they can only chase dolphins an hour after you first spotted one.  He says this is because of the high price of the crude oil.

This is our boatman’s information:
Ma. Cristy Dolphin Watching – Bais City

The experience was definitely priceless.  The dolphins were soooo cute and amazing. 

After dolphin watching, we are now headed to the sandbar. 

This pristine 7 kilometer stretch of premium white sand can be accessed via a short 15 minute boat ride from Capiñahan Wharf in the South Bais Bay, Bais City Negros Oriental. It is basically an island towards the North Bais Bay in the Tañon Strait that emerges only during low tides. On the island you can find native wooden houses built on stilts – and which, during high tide, appears to be floating on the water. These cottages could be rented for overnight staysand can be booked at the Bais City Tourism Office

This place reminds me of Maldives!  There are 4 villas in the sandbar which are solar powered.  You can rent it for 1500Php a night only.  I think its not air conditioned but who cares?  You will have full access of fresh air anyway.  Isnt it way better than air con?  Don’t worry, electricity for the lights is available.  Take note though that at night,  you will actually be in the middle of nowhere.  No land access.  So I guess if youhave kids with you, I advice not to take the sandbar villas.  You can make reservations for the sandbar villas 

So anyway, after lunch aboard the boat, you are now free to swim at the sandbar.  Don’t forget to bring your snorkling gears if you intend to go snorkling because unlike the boats in Puerto Galera, they don’t rent out snorkling gears at Bais.    After swimming at the sandbar,  the boat will now bring you back to the wharf where you first took off.  That’s basically your day.  For me, it is worth every dime you pay msot especially if you have a good number of people with you.

I hope I have included every information that you need for the trip, in case you wanna go Dolphin watching at Bais in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write it at the comment and I will gladly answer them (if I know tha answer that is) hahahaJ

That’s all  for now pretties and handsomiesJ 


Ghetto S

Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Trip: Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Happy Monday girls! Time flies and it's May already! Another thing, it's manic Monday once again. To kickstart the week, I'll let you guys drool over some food :)

When we watched Hall Pass in the theaters, there restaurant chain Olive Garden was mentioned. I remembered I ate there ONCE during my 2008 US vacation :) I decided to dig files to see I have some foodie pics I can share.

Olive Garden is an Italian-American casual dining restaurant chain. The staff were really courteous and serve super delicious free bread! :)) I also did some googling and found out from their website that their Culnary institute is actually based in Tuscany, Italy. This is where the Olive Garden chefs learn everything in creating authentic Italian food. They have over 730 branches I guess globally :)

Olive Garden branch in New Jersey

Delish free bread!


Minestrone soup

This is what I had. Cheese ravioli. SUPER YUMMY!

This is what one of my aunt's order

Another one from my aunt

There should always be room for dessert! Tiramisu in the house ;)

Together for some pics with the aunties! Super full! Just imagine the BIG serving size.

For those in the US, can u eat some cheese ravioli for me? Heehee! We don't have any Olive Garden here in the Philippines. Anyhoo, I have uncovered some foodie stuff I'll be able to share next time :)
To be able to start off our week in the right direction, let's do some food tripping and satisfy our cravings. Now I want to have a ravioli heehee! :)

Ghetto B
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