Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: 70s Trend

Rise and Shine Ghetto Gurls! :) It's the weekend and I'm sure you all have plans. Do you have anything to wear for your strolling, brunching, and malling already?

Well, I've just written a couple of days ago about the 70s trend being so hot and fresh right now. Of course, yours truly can't hardly wait (as usual)! :)) I searched with much gusto if I had anything that calls for 70s fashion :) I looked for old flared wide leg pants and chunky wedges.

Taking my cue from Dakota Fanning and Derek Lam's runway model, I had another Ghetto Gurls' Look for less version once again.

Dakota Fanning in a 3/4s white top, flared jeans, and chunky platforms

As seen on Derek Lam's Spring/Summer 2011 runway show

Ghetto B's look for less version hahahaha! :)

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Greenhills
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Naturalizer platform cork wedges
Necklace: Bought from a Christmas Bazaar

See, being trendy doesn't mean we have to buy everything. We just have to scour what's in our closets and there's really something in there! Definitely a recessionista (a.k.a fashionista in recession times)

Ghetto B

Friday, April 29, 2011

Traditional Medicinals' Organic Smooth Move Senna Tea

TGIF!! :) It's Friday once again and payday too! I'm pretty sure everyone's stoked like me haha!

Anyways, I've already said countless times before that part of my job is always being out of town. That means, I get to eat tons and tons of food that I don't know where to put in my stomach :)) The thing is with me, I really have stomach problems since before. I'm hyperacidic and prone to gas pains and spasms if I don't get to eat right that's why I have always Aluminim Hydroxide a.k.a Tums or Maalox with me all the time. That's why after a super heavy meal, it's a must for me to drink something hot like coffee or tea to digest all that food I took in. Likewise, I have this problem with my "poops" when I'm away. It feels like my bowel movement gets irregular everytime I'm away. It's a big no-no to not drop that "BOMB" down the toilet throne. I'm afraid to rely on Dulcolax since I might get immune to it or rely on it all the time everytime I want to poop.

I saw this tea box in the grocery in Cebu. Traditional Medicinals' Organic Smooth Move Herbal Stimulant Laxative caught my eye. It says it is caffeine free and herbal too! I bought one and here's what I have to say:

From Traditional Medicinal Organic Smooth Move Senna Tea:
"Pour 8 oz. freshly boiled water over a tea bag and steep, covered for 10-15 minutes. Adults and children 12 years and above to drink 1 cup preferabbly at bedtime. We're the onyl North American tea company using pharmacopoeial grade herbs.. they may cost mre, but they make the best medicinal tea!"
  • Divine!! Super like!! I've been a tea person more than a coffee one and I must say this is one of the best tea ever! Not bitter tasting and minty sweet! :) No need to add sugar or honey
  • After drinking this in the evening, I get to have the poops I want!
  • The brand is well trusted even by celebs! I read somewhere that when celebrities have throat problems, they rely on Traditional Medicinals' Throat Coat tea.

  • Kinda pricey.
  • Not sure where to buy it here in Manila

I'd like to reiterate /clarify that I don't drink this tea to lose weight as some of you might associate the bowel movement to what the effect of Xenical to those who intake it. Drinking the Traditional Medicinal Organic tea is my way to have my poops even if I'm away from home OR if I don't get to poop for days already (since I'm constipated). Please proceed with caution if you buy/drink this one if you don't intend to use it for laxative purposes.

Happy Weekend!! :)

Ghetto B

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trend: 70's Style

Good Morning Sunshine! :)

What's big this Spring/Summer 2011 is the return of 70's fashion. The 70's is the golden era of our parents (my parents for that matter) and everytime we talk about the fashion of their high time, they were really proud of their belly bottoms, maxi dresses, clogs, flared jeans, platforms, accessories galore! Fast forward 30+ years later, we get to recreate the looks they had before. I better bring out my flared jeans from my cabinet and use my platforms more this time :) I'll definitely have this looks as pegs for my wardrobe.

Maxi Dresses (yeah I just wrote a couple days another one!)

Eva Longoria

Ralph Lauren S/S 2011

Belly Bottoms combined with white top = Fashion Vitamin! :)

From the runway of Derek Lam to the streets of hollywood, this look is a hit! Will definitely wear mine this week to work hehehe! :)

Hope this helps! Let's all get into that 70s vibe!

Ghetto B

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another pressie! Grendha Ana Hickmann Sandals

Happy Wednesday girlies! :) It's mid-week and we all surviving! I'm not sure if I've been extra good lately but I've been getting pressies like it's Christmas time once again heehee! :)

Brazilian footwear, Grendha, made its "debut" in my shoe cabinet! Hehehe! :) I've got a Grendha gift certificate that's about to expire in days so I have to choose something from their collection pronto!

Pretty box with a goodie inside ;-)

Grendha Ana Hickmann Topazio sandals. Bronze braided rope thong sandals with 2 gem-like stones in front

Ana Hickmann, a brazilian model (like Gisele Bundchen who did a collaboration with another Brazilian footwear Ipanema) was responsible for this particular design.What I like about this particular pair is that girls don't have excuses anymore just to wear plain flipflops on the beach . One can also have another alternative to sneakers when travelling in airports as they are easy to remove when you have to go through the xray machine. Moreover, this particular pair that I have (Topazio) were designed in light summer colors that women can use between office to the after work parties. Aside from the cute design, comfort is one thing that Grendha will give your feet! Upon wearing it, it molds to your feet and it will make walking feel like walking in the clouds. It's also washable!

Ghetto Gurls' verdict? Must-have!! :)

Ghetto B

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yay or Nay: Carmex Lip Balm in Cherry

Happy Tuesday Girls!

I got this pressie from my good friend Zarah after she won a box of Carmex through a contest! Yay!!! :) Her very generous heart gave me my first Carmex lip balm :) I've heard good raves about this lip balm from before. I once read somewhere that Lindsay Lohan loved this lip balm.

  • I love that it prevents lip chapping and drying. Makes my lips soft and smooth.
  • Has SPF 15
  • It's been quite a while (high school hehe!) since I had a lip balm that is minty that leaves a tingling sensation (read: Chapstick mint). Love it!
  • It doesn't taste cherry but you can smell the cherry scent.
  • After applying this, makes it easy for me to apply lipstick on top since my lips aren't dry and prevents feathering too.

  • Can't think of any :)

Highly recommended lip balm! Not only a perfect primer for our lips before applying lipstick or gloss, but it's good to have one handy as it's very effective in healing our dry and chapped lips as well.

Ghetto B

Monday, April 25, 2011

Food Trip: Royce Nama Chocolate

Good Morning Sweeties! :)

Were you able to recharge the past holy week vacation? I did! :) Did tons of DVD marathon like movies I wasn't able to see, catch on the Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, I also became a book worm with the books I forgot to finish hehe! One thing I wasn't able to do is clean my messy room. Accck! Well, I will find a window to do it... soon! :)

I'm not able to blog as often as I could so the things I wanted to share get clogged in my brain cells so than to evaporate like a bubble, I'm putting everything here asap hehehe!

I got this really really special goody bag from a friend a month ago. It's the first time I was able to have one even if almost everyone has tasted already. Yeah, it's the first time my taste buds had  Royce Chocolate

What's inside: Insulator-like envelope with a sachet of dry ice too

Opening the box, beautifully and exquitely packed chocolate inside a foil pack with some mini-spatula. I've eaten a couple of other Japanese chocoalates before and I notice that the Japanese really make an effort to make packaging really aesthetic! Makes it hard to tear the paper or plastic since I feel it's like tearing a beautifully handwrapped gift :)

Beneath the foil is a plastic box that carries the chocolate heaven!

YUMMY! Amen! :)

Some fast facts about Royce Chocolate and why is it the "Rolls Royce of chocolate world":
  • Royce really MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! No need to sip and chew until it melts. Once it hits your tongue, it will melt there... slowly and it will drive you insane!
  • Royce originated in Japan in 1983 and the Nama brand around 1996.
  • Royce first hit the Philippines in 2008 with its stall in Powerplant mall.

I've heard so much as well about Royce Potato Chocolate. I really have to try that as well. Hmm, on second thought.. since it doesn't come cheap, i'll wait for another angel to give me my stash hehehe! But if not, I'd have a reason and excuse to buy one should I have a bad or stressful day.

Ghetto B

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trend: Would you wear Maxi Dresses?

Happy Easter Ghetto Gurls! 

Longtime!! It's been a while (again) since the last time I wrote some posts.. been busy touring the Philippines! Hehehe! Kidding :) Anyways, one of the perks of my job is that I get to roam around the country and visit to different provinces I have never set foot before. I get to experience the culture, taste the food, and see the wonderful sights the place has to offer. Would you believe I haven't been to Boracay??!! Hahahahaha!! Yep! I haven't been there and it's my first time to go. Even if I only had 3 days and 2 nights, I super enjoyed the trip. But of course, I have to bring some "arsenal" outfits to make my beachfront my own fashion runway heehee!! 

I brought with me my very trusty maxidress! (Pardon the camwhoring with my big bag on my wrists since I can't leave it in the hotel and I have to have with my my work stuff and it just fits in this roomy tote which by the way needs another round of cleaninf once again hehe!) I have this dress since '08 and I wore it when I met up with a friend in San Diego and did some outlet shopping near the US-Mexico border. I even wrote a post about it a year ago with some tips how to wear it especially for petittes like me! :) Well, I think we have to uncover those maxi dressses once again since the 70's are so back!!

Nicole Richie spotted just this year wearing a maxi dress.

Happy Easter everyone! May we not forget the true meaning of's not just about bunnies and easter egg hunts. But rather, it's about thanking Christ for dying for our sins, forgiving us unconditionally by giving us a clean slate and a shot at eternal life in heaven:) Let's  all start living a new life that the Lord will be proud of us.

Ghetto B

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ghetto B is in love with: MAC Morange Lipstick

Hello Ghetto Gurls!
Long time no posts (yeah we know.. and Shanna knows!). We'll be devoting more time to share some stuff we have accumulated over the weeks to all of you :)

After buying a peachy/coraly lipstick from Maybelline, I'm still on a hunt for that vibrant orange hue that's super hot this summer season. I'm seeing in magazines and on celebrities as well that they've ditched the usual pinks and are wearing oranges which is flattering! Perfect for the day dresses, tan lines that all girls will be sporting this summer.

I saw this very very pretty model and I couldn't help but ask what her lipstick is. It's the orange I'm looking for and I'm just too shy to ask right away. Good thing, Askmewhats was there to save the day.. and voila! i was able to know what it's MAC Morange! It's like de ja vu to me hahaha! I remember myself last year when I was scouting for that "barbie pink" lipstick.. until I found out it was MAC Pink Nouveau :)

 Anyways, I learned that this shade is hot these days and it's really out of stock in MAC counters.. Hmmm will see if it's true as I will drop by MAC to do some spying heehee! I searched some swatches in google and I stumbled upon Temptalia. She tried it on her lips.. and I. L.I.K.E!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

MAC Morange
MAC Morange on the lips

Just some thoughts (since I don't have one yet hehehe!):
  • Looks very pigmented
  • Looks creamy
  • Looks good i think with someone who's an NC40 like me

Love it??????!! I DO! MAC Morange is Love :)

Ghetto B

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