Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Trip: Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Happy Monday girls! Time flies and it's May already! Another thing, it's manic Monday once again. To kickstart the week, I'll let you guys drool over some food :)

When we watched Hall Pass in the theaters, there restaurant chain Olive Garden was mentioned. I remembered I ate there ONCE during my 2008 US vacation :) I decided to dig files to see I have some foodie pics I can share.

Olive Garden is an Italian-American casual dining restaurant chain. The staff were really courteous and serve super delicious free bread! :)) I also did some googling and found out from their website that their Culnary institute is actually based in Tuscany, Italy. This is where the Olive Garden chefs learn everything in creating authentic Italian food. They have over 730 branches I guess globally :)

Olive Garden branch in New Jersey

Delish free bread!


Minestrone soup

This is what I had. Cheese ravioli. SUPER YUMMY!

This is what one of my aunt's order

Another one from my aunt

There should always be room for dessert! Tiramisu in the house ;)

Together for some pics with the aunties! Super full! Just imagine the BIG serving size.

For those in the US, can u eat some cheese ravioli for me? Heehee! We don't have any Olive Garden here in the Philippines. Anyhoo, I have uncovered some foodie stuff I'll be able to share next time :)
To be able to start off our week in the right direction, let's do some food tripping and satisfy our cravings. Now I want to have a ravioli heehee! :)

Ghetto B

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  1. omg, i love ravioli! the photos look divine and you got me soooo hungry! :)


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