Sunday, May 8, 2011

Food Trip: In-n-Out Burger

Good morning Ghetto Gurls! Another foodie post from yours truly. I really meant it when I said a week ago that I have foodie stories to share this week :)

There was this one time we had lazyness all over our bones that we didn't want to leave house that time. What we did, we went to In-N-Out burger to try the most talked about burger (in my opinion) and took our orders out and eat it all at home :)

In-N-Out burger is a fast food chain located in Western United States. Currently they have 258 locations across the United States. In-N-Out burger is known for it's good corporate practics, and it has a cult following. I,  for that matter, witnessed it first hand. We went to the store on a weekday and a non-peak hour time but the line is incredibly long. I was told that In-N-Out always have customers all day long.

What makes In-N-Out stand out from all the burgers out there is its simplicity. They have 3 kinds of burgers: hamburger, cheeseburger, and double double. Then you can order your fries, then your soda or milkshake if you like.  One quirky thing about their cups and burger wrappers is that they have printed some bible verses which reflect their Christian beliefs/practices.

In-n-Out take out bag

Fries to share for everyone

Cheeseburger and Milkshake. Heaven!

Tita Suzette and Tito John for the In-N-Out  lazy day

Ghetto B

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  1. In-N-Out burger is the shiznit! Most of the time. Hehe. Cool blog. =)



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