Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ghetto B is in love with: MAC Morange Lipstick

Hello Ghetto Gurls!
Long time no posts (yeah we know.. and Shanna knows!). We'll be devoting more time to share some stuff we have accumulated over the weeks to all of you :)

After buying a peachy/coraly lipstick from Maybelline, I'm still on a hunt for that vibrant orange hue that's super hot this summer season. I'm seeing in magazines and on celebrities as well that they've ditched the usual pinks and are wearing oranges which is flattering! Perfect for the day dresses, tan lines that all girls will be sporting this summer.

I saw this very very pretty model and I couldn't help but ask what her lipstick is. It's the orange I'm looking for and I'm just too shy to ask right away. Good thing, Askmewhats was there to save the day.. and voila! i was able to know what it's MAC Morange! It's like de ja vu to me hahaha! I remember myself last year when I was scouting for that "barbie pink" lipstick.. until I found out it was MAC Pink Nouveau :)

 Anyways, I learned that this shade is hot these days and it's really out of stock in MAC counters.. Hmmm will see if it's true as I will drop by MAC to do some spying heehee! I searched some swatches in google and I stumbled upon Temptalia. She tried it on her lips.. and I. L.I.K.E!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

MAC Morange
MAC Morange on the lips

Just some thoughts (since I don't have one yet hehehe!):
  • Looks very pigmented
  • Looks creamy
  • Looks good i think with someone who's an NC40 like me

Love it??????!! I DO! MAC Morange is Love :)

Ghetto B

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  1. sisterhood you can find the similar color from Revlon Siren, not as bright pero close :)


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