Monday, April 25, 2011

Food Trip: Royce Nama Chocolate

Good Morning Sweeties! :)

Were you able to recharge the past holy week vacation? I did! :) Did tons of DVD marathon like movies I wasn't able to see, catch on the Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, I also became a book worm with the books I forgot to finish hehe! One thing I wasn't able to do is clean my messy room. Accck! Well, I will find a window to do it... soon! :)

I'm not able to blog as often as I could so the things I wanted to share get clogged in my brain cells so than to evaporate like a bubble, I'm putting everything here asap hehehe!

I got this really really special goody bag from a friend a month ago. It's the first time I was able to have one even if almost everyone has tasted already. Yeah, it's the first time my taste buds had  Royce Chocolate

What's inside: Insulator-like envelope with a sachet of dry ice too

Opening the box, beautifully and exquitely packed chocolate inside a foil pack with some mini-spatula. I've eaten a couple of other Japanese chocoalates before and I notice that the Japanese really make an effort to make packaging really aesthetic! Makes it hard to tear the paper or plastic since I feel it's like tearing a beautifully handwrapped gift :)

Beneath the foil is a plastic box that carries the chocolate heaven!

YUMMY! Amen! :)

Some fast facts about Royce Chocolate and why is it the "Rolls Royce of chocolate world":
  • Royce really MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! No need to sip and chew until it melts. Once it hits your tongue, it will melt there... slowly and it will drive you insane!
  • Royce originated in Japan in 1983 and the Nama brand around 1996.
  • Royce first hit the Philippines in 2008 with its stall in Powerplant mall.

I've heard so much as well about Royce Potato Chocolate. I really have to try that as well. Hmm, on second thought.. since it doesn't come cheap, i'll wait for another angel to give me my stash hehehe! But if not, I'd have a reason and excuse to buy one should I have a bad or stressful day.

Ghetto B


  1. i hope someone will give me some too! looks yummy! :)

  2. issa super worth it!!! hope an angel give you one too! :)


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