Monday, March 14, 2011

Yay or Nay: Pure Beauty Bon Voyage Remoisturising Night Cream and Essential Eye Cream

Good Morning Sunshines! Monday is here once again. Hope that the weekend was able to recharge you to face another long week! :)

I've seen a new brand  in Watson' shelves and I stopped to take a look because of the unusual packaging I saw for their night and eye creams. It's from a brand called Pure Beauty, from Switzerland.

Pure Beauty Bon Voyage Remoistursing Night Cream:
"Bon Voyage Remoistursing Night Cream is enriched with special moisturisers such as Hydrolyzed Soy Protein & Sweet Almond Oil to help soften and smooth skin. Its nourishing properties also help maintain skin moisture levels. It can also be used as a mask for more intensive treatment. The resealable sachet pack makes it covenient for travelling."
Pure Beauty Bon Voyage Essential Eye Cream:

"Bon Voyage Essential Eye Cream is specifically formulated to help reduce dark circles and smooth fine lines. It contains Sepilift lipo-amino acid which help stimulate the self production of collagen and restore the natural firmness to your skin. The resealable sachet pack makes it convenient for travelling."

  • Highly recommended for those who frequently travel. Less weight in your check-in luggage and the resealable pack is a genius idea! Plus points for packaging!
  • Very affordable! Forgot the exact price but at Watson's it's on sale till end of March (15 ml). What I'm sure about is that it's priced less than Php 70.00
  • Love the smell! When I sleep and smell my face, I easily fall asleep. Seriously! Heehee!
  • Upon waking up in the morning, I feel that my face is well moisturized and when I put makeup, doesn't feel dry and flaky.
  • The eye cream works!! I go to sleep late at night and wake up super early during business trips but then I don't look haggard! Eyebags are minimized as well.

  • Not sure though if they have full-size bottles of these creams

As early as your 20s, it's a must to start having a basic skincare regimen already. Prevention is better than cure! Saves us from buying Creme de la Mer or La Prarie in the future hahaha! :) There are lots of products to try out there from affordable ones to luxurious ones. Good luck in finding the compatible skincare product for you. Like me, I'm always open to new ones out there :)

Ghetto B


  1. Regarding the eye cream, does it help reduce dark eye circles? Thinking of purchasing, going to turkey soon... Please reply need your advice^_^

  2. Hello Dianarahim!

    I'm not so sure about the dark circles since I have just purchased this one recently. I cannot vouch for the reduction of dark under eye circles but it lessens puffiness. Because if it's puffy, then darkness is more emphasized. But for the super cheapo price, it's worth the try!! Haven't encountered a European brand this affordable. :) Hope this helps!


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