Monday, March 7, 2011

Yay or Nay: Pantene Nature Care Shampoo

Good Morning Ghetto Gurls!

Feels like forever since I wrote a blog entry. I have so much stories and thoughts to share and the 1 month backlog caused an idea clog in my brain. Haha!

Anyways, I change shampoos regularly since they say it's healthy for the hair and avoids product buildup. When I visited a supermarket in one of my business trips, I was struck with the big tarpaulins and ads of the new Pantene Nature Care shampoo by Filipina celebrity Angelica Panganiban. The shampoo simply sells itself as a shampoo derived from Natural ingredients... a first from Pantene if I'm not mistaken. Since i'm a sucker for anything organic lately, I bought the smallest bottle so I can easily tow with me during my trips.


Pantene Nature Care 85ml

Unlike other Pantene variants, this one has a transparent/clear color

"The power of nature and science brought together Pantene's nature CARE collection penetrates each strand, nourishing hair from within, for healthy fullness and shine. Shampoo and conditioner system with Cassia-flower derived essence, plus ProV-B5, works in weakening hair from within. Also contains avocado and grape seed oil."

  • The bottle size is perfect for someone who's travelling, without the hassle of tearing a sachet
  • Reasonable price. Forgot the price though hehe!

  • Makes my hair dry. I thought it was only on the first wash.. But after the second and third tries, it really isn't for me
  • For some reason, it's the only Pantene shampoo that I don't like the smell. From the bottle when I smelled it, it's really good. But after shampooing, scent doesn't last a long time and not liking it. I loved all Pantene variants. I've tried them all before and it's the first time that i'm not "compatible"
  • I do love the bottle size.. but I'm really having a hard time opening the bottle flap. Hassle.

If I get to finish it, won't buy again. I'd rather stick to my all-time favorite Pantene Total Care heehee! Of course our hair characteristics are different. What may not work for me, may work for you! :) Or you can try the sachet first before buying the bottle.

Ghetto B

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  1. really??? me naman, i super love love love it! :D not all stores sell the small bottle, but since i really love it, i was even forced to buy the big one for a trip! di bale ng ma-overweight, basta naka pantene nature care! hahaha


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