Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: Chanel Ballet Flats

Happy Tuesday! We all survived Monday hell :) It's also the second consecutive day I'm back on track with writing posts.

I have a soft spot for ballet flats. I have them in different styles and colors. It's easy to walk around and not feel a foot ache afterwards. I can mix and match them with shorts, day dresses, skinny jeans. Never mind if they don't give me extra height.. I'm contented with the comfort and the flexibility they give to me and my wardrobe hehe! I've spoken about my love for Tory Burch before. I still have it in my "The Secret" list. I will have it. I claim it!

Anyhoo, I've been seeing versions of the famed Chanel flats lately. Of course what a genius by shoe manufacturers! They have the power to create one for us lowly masses that we can try since not every girl can afford Chanel.

Chanel leather flats costs around USD 675. Nude in color, black trim on the sides, black toe cap, and a Chanel logo on the side.

Katie Holmes with her Chanel flats while doing errands. Still looking fab! :)

Even in my wildest dreams, I don't have USD 700 bucks to cough up just for ballet flats! Haha! I'd rather travel to Europe heehee! But while passing the ever reliable SM Deparment store, I saw this ballet flats.. one last pair, one last design, and one size... just for M.E! :)

Parisian Junior Ballet flats. Php 499.00 or USD 11.50! 

Patent black trim on the side and toe cap. It has a goldish nude argyle/quilted pattern for the body

I knew I had to get this one. I tried it and surprisingly comfy. Doesn't hurt my feet especially on the sides and back portion. Can't wait to road test these with my jeans, shorts, dresses! Not bad for 500 bucks right? :) I can channel Chanel! Hahahaha! :))

Ghetto B


  1. ay sosyal! i love it!! and we're supporting pa pinoy-made products! :)

  2. shen - truelili diba?! ang bongga na talaga si SM dept store! winner mga stuff nila:)


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