Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ghetto B reunites with MAC Studio Fix NC40

Back in January 2010, I told AMW that I'll not renew MAC Studio Fix in my makeup kit indefinitely till further notice. It was sad parting ways with my last MAC compact back then because through thick and thin, she was there with me.. to prettify me more whether I'm looking haggard or when I need to look blooming in crucial moments. Each compact was Php 1,500 and during that time I have to tighten my belt and settle for a cheaper alternative (which I really loved too!!) like Maybelline Mineral Foundation.

After exactly 1 year, I found myself into the loving arms of MAC again! They had this temporary stall in Trinoma and voila! There's a stock of Studio Fix NC40! From Php 1,500, inflation struck them too and is now priced at Php 1,700. I should've asked my friend to buy one for me! She bought it just a day before I bought my MAC. In Hong Kong, it was cheaper! I was too late. Arghs! Well, each particle of the foundie is super worth it.. worth every cent it costs.

MAC Studio Fix NC40

I found it weird putting a sponge on my face at first because for the longest time, I was using a kabuki brush for my Maybelline Mineral Foundation. But after seeing my face again with NC40, I'm really impressed with the MAC quality. MAC users pay the price for the effect it gives.. and this beautiful effect for me is priceless :) How do I put it into words? Hmmm.. "blooming" I guess afterwards! I'll just post next time some pics.

That's it. Proclaiming my undying love for MAC Studio Fix hahaha! Love is sweeter the second time around :))

Ghetto B


  1. sosyal ka kasi kaya bumalik ka sa MAC LOL LOL LOL! Miss bullying you Ghetto B! :)

  2. Same here! I went back to MAC Studio Fix NC40 as well!

    There just wasn't a suitable alternative, iba talaga pag perfect match with your skin tone :)

  3. @nikki - HAHAHAHA!! infairnezzz, na miss kong ibully nyo ako ni chaka!! hahaha!! can't wait to see you!! :) :) :)

    @jillsabs - wow nc40 ka din! actually talagang the effect of mac ibang klase eh noh. our one and only heehee! :)


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