Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yay or Nay: Marks and Spencer Waterlily Hand and Body Lotion

Do you agree with me that if smelling a certain scent brings you back memories and you feel like you are transported back to that time when you first smelled it? Well, I do!!!

I have this superultramega favorite lotion back in the day. 13 years ago, my friend gifted me a Marks and Spencer set: Waterlily variant of body wash and lotion. It's been 13 years since I used one and I vividly remember how it smells like... the scent brings me back to my high school days. Fast forward to Christmas 2010, I was surprised to see a bottle of Waterlily Hand and Body Lotion! After a decade, packaging looked different already. The bottle is not old rose in color anymore but I like the pink and fuchsia color. I tried a pea sized amount onto my palms and it felt like I was transported back to 1998 :) Still feels and smells the same.

Marks and Spencer Waterlily Hand and Body Lotion

  • I love the scent.. it's very me! Very girly! Stays onto your skin even after 8 hours.
  • Not too greasy but very moisturizing!
  • A little pea size amount goes a long way. No need to pump for more and reapply.
  • Easy to use since it's in a pump bottle and I see the contents. Love the packaging too!

  • Might be pricey for some since it's Marks and Spencer

Thanks to my 2 pretty cousins who gifted me this!!!! Big MWAH! Will use this for "big events" I'd like to feel and smell special hehehehe! :)
Ghetto B


  1. I would like to use Marks and Spencer water lily hand and body lotion such that all the things which are required by us in lotion can be found in this lotion. And we can use them.

  2. My mom used this and it's the first smell of her ever that I could remember....from my birth!
    Marks & Spencer closed in France for many years and one day we were out of the country and found a Marks & Spencer shop in the Philippines. I tried their lotions and I found the Waterlily moisturizing lotion and I was transported way back in my baby years. That's how my mom smelled12 years ago !!!!!


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