Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Wear: Winter Fashion for a Winter Vacation

Rise and Shine Ghetto Gurls! It's mid week and we are half-way before the weekend!

I'm so jealous of Shanna! Why?? She'll be going to Shanghai soon!!!! I haven't been there yet and I wanna go too! Since Manila has only wet and dry seasons, we don't have the chance to be in the winter mode! I wanna wear boots, capes, coats, scarves. The last time I went to NYC was year 2000 and I was wearing oversized windbreakers, Skechers, and baggy jeans! Hahahaha!

I've compiled a couple of "pegs" I'd like Shanna to see so she can strut the airport and the Shanghai roads in style!

Emily Blunt in a grey ensemble of acid washed skinny jeans, boots, leather jacket, scarf with her luggage in tow.

 Emma Watson in a double breasted camel coat, cream scarf, dark skinny jeans and boots

Jessica Alba in a striped cardigan, leggings, and boots with her big roomy tote

Nicole Richie in black tights, beanies, denim cutoffs, black blazer, and a printed scarf, her best accessory? That red Chanel bag! :)

Key pieces:

  • Boots - I suggest flat boots! Since you will be doing lots of walking, it's important to have the most comfortable footwear
  • Jacket - a really thick one is needed! Better if leather so you can fight the cold temperature. Shanna told me it tends to fall to zero degrees in Shanghai
  • Scarves - You need to have something to keep your neck wrapped and warm.
  • Skinny jeans - it will be easier to wear your boots if you have skinny jeans. It also helps that your jeans hug your legs and hips tight so as to provide more warmth.-
  • Black leggings or tights - if the weather is really cold, then you could wear the tights before wearing jeans or leggings too.
I'm excited for her trip!!! :) On top of that, I asked her a favor to buy me HadaLabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion! I've been wanting to try one because I'm really curious what the fuss is all about. Crossing fingers that Sasa in Shanghai has stocks :) Will force her to take pictures  (since I want to see her winter outfits) and take down notes so I have a guide when I go there next hehehehe!

Ghetto B

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