Monday, January 31, 2011

Travel: Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is indeed a beauty.  Amazing buildings with so much characters and history.  Beautiful people, flawless and fashionable.  It was winter during our visit and I was looking forward to some snow, which I found in small quantity haha well at least there was snow. The people there are so into fashion in fact, looking and admiring the winter outfits that the people are wearing is enough sightseeing for me.  Or maybe winter outfits are just so new to my eyes since it is my first time to experience that kind of weather.  Philippines is hot all year round.

I did not do much shopping in Shanghai since shopping is quite expensive there.  But because I love bargain shopping, I still did manage to buy some stuffs which were quite friendly to my budget.  (Just a few though)

Pink Hearts Winter Ballet Flats (I call them winter ballet flats because they are foamed all over.  Like a jacket to the feet--soft and warm)  I have a little dilemma though,  I know its very soft, like walking in bed but I think it might make my feet feel a little too warm if I wear them in the Philippines.) I will have to find out.

Purchased at Yuyuan Garden Bazaar for 25 RMB approx (167.5 Php)

Brown and Pink Polka Dot Winter Doll Shoes
Purchased at Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar for 20 RMB approx 134 Php (pretty cheap, huh)

Cheetah Winter Ballet Flats
Purchased at Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar for 25 RMB approx 167.50 Php

Blue and White Polka Dots Winter Booties
Purchased at Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar for 25 RMB approx 167.5 Php

UGG Boots in Black
Purchased at the Shanghai AP Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market for 120 RMB approx 804 Php
Original Price was around 180 RMB, bargained till I got it at 120 RMB

Red Furry Hat Purchased at an Underground Market along Nanjing Road.
Original Price was 120 RMB bargained till I got it at 35 RMB approx 234.5 Php
Yes, its correct.  I noticed that in underground market, you should bargain a lot.

Furry Ear Muffs purchased at a sidewalk vendor outside Super Brand Mall.
Original price was 25 RMB, got it at 20 RMB approx 134 Php

Pink Hand Gloves purchased at Shanghai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market.
Original price is 120 RMB got it at 22 RMB approx 147.4 Php

P.S.  I don't really understand why some of the vendors at Shanghai Xinyang Market love to shout.
Yes the guy that sold this gloves at me literally shouted at me at the hallway!  He shouted "how much do you want"  like we are lovers quarelling.  Well, a girls got to do what a girl's got to do so i shouted back.  "25!"
We shouted some more back and forth till we agreed at 22RMB and I got this baby that kept my hands warm but it made my fingers look fat.  Not sexy at all.  

So I got another pair at the underground market in Nanjing Road which I purchased at around 20 RMB approx 134 Php.  The knitted hand gloves were pretty but when I was about to wear it, I realized that its all dusty.  So I kept it.

And got this purple leather gloves which I really like.  Got it at Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar for 35 RMB approx 234.5Php.  Original price is at 85 RMB.  Sexy and Fab, now I can stop buying these gloves!  I can't use them in the Philippines anyway.  But hoping I will be visiting more winter countries soon.

Kikay kit which I got at the wholesale market, a 3 storey building near the Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar.  It reminds me a bit like Divisoria.  Got this at 25 RMB approx 167.5 Php.  The Pink Monkey Nailcutter was pucrchased at the Nanjing Road underground market for 7.5 RMB approx 50.25 Php.

Those are all the little things that I bought for myself.  I will post the stuffs that I bought for my little girl at the Ghetto Mom.  I also did some shopping for her.

To be honest, nothing really beats shopping for cheap stuffs in the Philippines and in Bangkok.  Though stuffs here comes from China, I don't know but they are still so much cheaper here than there.  I think visiting shanghai is more like sightseeing, people, culture, food and not really shopping.

Tips for shopping:  Bargain to the max!!!  Just check the price difference of the original price and the bargain price.

And ooh I forgot, I also purchased a leather dress from Esprit which I got at 50% off.  I forgot to take a pic so I'll just post it when I come back.

That's it for now:)

Ghetto S

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