Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bangkok Day 4: Church Day, Wat Po, Food Court bonding

My last installment of Bangkok holiday! Day 4 is our last day. Since our flight was still 11:30 PM, we had the whole day to ourselves. We checked out early and just left our luggages with the front desk. After brekky, we went to Holy Redeemer Church to attend Sunday mass.

Holy Redeemer Church

They have a very intricately designed altar. Personally, I was touched with the mass because they prayers were more personal and I understood clearly the message of the readings. It was also special because it's the second mass I attended outside the Philippines.

After Sunday mass, we went to the pier to ride the boat going to Wat Po Temple (Reclining Buddha). As you can see, the color of the Chao Phraya River is brown not because it is dirty but because the river bed is muddy so it mixes with the color of the water (a trivia given by Dieter! )

Meanne and Dieter! Thanks for our Chao Phraya river boat ride :)

Wat Arun or Temple of the Rising Sun

We visited the Wat Po / Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Entrance fee was 50 Baht.


Me and my sweaty neck! Heehee! :) Me and the back of the reclining buddha
The picture on the right shows the buddha's face with Zarah and Hayds :)

Visitors are allowed to enter the temple but footwear must be removed

See the very detailed and artsy design of the temples! Amazing!

View of the Wat Po temple from the outside

After the temple visit, we were soooo hungry! Since it was our last day, we wanted to eat Thai food for one, last, time. We headed to Central World mall and ate S&P Restaurant and Bakery.

S&P Restaurant and Bakery is one of the most popular restaurant chains in Thailand. It serves superb quality of Thai food with an affordable price. They also sell breads and frozen food in groceries. S&P is popular for toursits who are exploring to eat Thai food.

Shrimp Paste/Bagoong Fried Rice. I loved this!!!

Som Tam or the Papaya Salad. Must-eat!
I don't usually eat papaya salad / atchara. But this is an exemption.
Fresh seafood is mixed with the veggies like shrimp, squid, and scallops

Regular fried rice

Chicken Curry

Fried Fish

We went around CentralWorld after eating lunch. Good thing that the mall just re-opened a few days ago! This mall is the third largest shopping complex in the world! The mall was burned by the Thai red shirt protesters. We went to several shops and enjoyed another round of shopping. I went inside Forever XXI and saw tons and tons of lovely pieces and they are on sale!!!! I couldn't resist the urge and bought a top hehehe! :)

As usual we got tired again and hungry so we went to Central Food Hall at the top most level
Central Food Hall is recently recognized as "The Best Food Store in Asia". It has a 200-seat capacity and serves not only Thai but other Pan-Asian cuisine as well like Singaporean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indian, American, etc. Seats and tables are very chic looking. The glass window serves a good backdrop of the nearby Siam Paragon.

I looooove the grocery! Selections are complete! There are lots of free taste too! So when you leave the premises, you are already full! :)) Prices of the items are cheap and I just love the ambience.
I can stay all day here and be happy!
There's also a health and beauty section within the food hall and the grocery.

Upon entering the food court, you will be given a food pass and the stalls will just have to swipe it for every purchase you will be making and you'll just pay when you leave.
Isn't that the coolest??! :)

The view from the Central World Food Hall. The facade of Siam Paragon Mall and green trees!

Happy girls eating and chatting for one last time before going back to Manila

I'm gonna miss my dear friend Meanne! It was such a breather from
Manila stress having her with us during the whole trip.

We said our goodbyes to Meanne and went back to Best Western. We asked our "favorite" bellboy to take our group picture for one last time :) Bittersweet!

This is a smile of success! We were able to check in EVERYTHING without excess baggage. I was in panic mode whole time thinking how can I manage to pass all the xray,
luggage weighing with everything that I have and without paying excess. :)
My handbag and handcarry weighed the maximum allowable weight! Just imagine how heavy each is! My stuff even went out of my paperbag while in the xray haha! :)

This is me and my haggard self from our red eye flight! :) Im wearing a headphones and plane blanket! Ready to get some zzzzs after eating the plane meal :)

Whew!!! I'm officially done documenting my whole Bangkok trip! I feel sentimental after writing this since I remember each and every little detail of this whole trip! I had soooo much fun and will not ever forget this experience! I miss all my friends after the trip since I was with them day in and day out for the whole 4 days. We will defintely plan our next vacay! :) Wish I had given you some insights and tips should you try to visit Bangkok next time.

Ghetto B

Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing Sartorialist for the Day

TGIF!!! Time flew so fast! :) Friday once again.. and start of the long weekend!! :) I've always admiared The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman. He really has an eye for shooting ordianary people in extra ordinary get-ups! I love how he takes the pictures because it seems to have a story. For the Bangkok Day 3 while waiting for our taxi going to Chatuchak, I played the Sartorialist with our Bangkok outfits hehehe! :)

Top: American Eagle
Shorts: Old Navy
Earrings: H&M
Flipflops: Havaiannas

Top: SM Department Store
Shorts: Greenhills
Bag: Aldo
Sandals: Ipanema

Top: H&M
Necklace: Bought in Hong Kong
Shorts: Forever 21
Flipflops: Fitflop

All from Bangkok :) And I Love her shorts!! :)

Ghetto B

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bangkok Day 3: Shopping, Grocery shopping, and Cocktails

Rise and shine girlaloos! I know it's Wednesday and it's the middle of the week! Just 2 days to go.. and it's a long weekend once again! Yipeees! :))

I'm now on my Day 3 of my Bangkok Holiday! And yeah, I've been diligent in blogging lately! :) For our 3rd day, our agenda is to go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market for the whole day and at night, another round of girls' night out!

Chatchak Weekend Market is the biggest in Thailand! Since it's a weekend market, it's only open Saturdays and Sundays. You will find everything and almost anything there from clothes, food, home decor, pets, accessories! Name it and they have it. It's so big that it has like 8,000 stalls or more of this 35 acres! We really weren't able to go around and finish it because it's too big and we were afraid to get lost haha!
The view of the Chatuchak Weekend Market

One of the must-dos of our trip is to taste as  many street foods as we can! This is one of those street foods we ate hehehe! The popsicle! I had coffee flavor, Zarah had milk tea flavor, and I forgot what Karen got! I tell you, the heat died down because of the refreshing popsicle! Too bad we weren't able to buy again because it's too far already! I was supposed to try the milk tea flavor! Erks!!

Posing with our posicles heehee!

Another kodak moment while Karen is scouting for bangles. Yeah this store is selling just pure bangles. We were taking advantage of the free seats of the stores because our feet is already complaining hehe!

Since we need to sit down, I decided to buy milk tea from a coffee shop stall to get free seats.
This is mind blowing!!!The milk tea was prepared from scratch. And supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr YUM! He even put whipped cream on top! Never mind the calories..
I told myself I'll just shed them off in Manila hehe!


After a whole day of heat and exhausation walking and shopping , we ate in a small  Thai eatery in Chatuchak. Would you believe we ate lunch at 3:30 PM?! Haha! Good thing we ate several street food while going around. Another good soul treated us for lunch! Our friend's friend knew that we were tourists so he talked to the owner of the stall and everything we order was on his! How cool is that??!?! :)

Tired and stikcy girls eating late lunch!

Next stop: Tesco Lotus Grocery. We were supposed to go to Big C. But sadly, it was burned down by Thai red shirt protesters. So we asked the hotel staff the nearest grocery and they wrote the address in Thai so we can show it to the cab driver. We already did grocery shopping on our first day at Gourmet Grocery at Siam Paragon. But we just can't get enough! This time, we really hoarded whatever we can get ou hands on! Everything's soo cheap. Second, it's really fun doing grocery and pushing the cart, especially if you are with good company :

Look at our grocery carts! We look like we are setting up a sari sari store in Manila! Haha! :))

We were done with groceries and it's already time to chow down. We wanted to have ramen. So we ate at this Japanese (again) noodle house called Hachi-ban. Hachi is the Japanese word for number 8. So you can see in their ramen a stamped number 8 in the squid. We all got ramen in soup except Zarah who opted for cold noodles.

Last stop: Lebua Tower. Since we came from the grocery and obviously, we had our grocery bags with us. We will be heading to a classy and sophisticated bar, on top of the Lebua Tower! We would be looking idiots if we bring our plastic bags with us hahaha!! But God save the day! Upon entering the premises, the front desk told us we can leave all out stuff with the baggage counter! We all sighed with relief. We wouldn't have any face to show the chich bar people that while we are enjoying our cocktails, we have grocery bags with us HAHAHAHAHA!!! :)) What a loser, right?!! :)

Happy girls while riding the elevator en route to the 64th floor!

The 4 girls upon entering the 64th floor where Sirocco, Skybar, and Distil bar is located :)
Very chic!!! We looooooove it!

Since it was raining, we couldn't go to the Skybar. The Skybar is located outside, overlooking the whole of Bangkok! So we just settled inside Distil bar. We ordered the signature cocktails.. priced at 450 Baht  ++! The most expensive purcahse all of us made in our entire BKK stay. But no regrets at all since it was sooo worth it and the experience in Distil, the ambience was really memorable :)

Our cocktails! Spot the difference! That different cocktail... is mine! Hehehe!
SUPERB MOJITOS! :D We also were given a bowl full of free pistachios to chow on!

On the way home, we decided to stop by the 59th floor and check Breeze. Breeze has a lighted walkway where you can see the view of the whole Bangkok! Really really nice!
Feels like I'm in a Jennifer Lopez music video! hehehehe! :)

Afterwards, we all went home. I was soooo deadtired! After taking a shower, I went to dreamland already! Zarah and Karen stayed late to pack all their things. I decided to just pack early in the morning. Up to this day, I was soo amazed how we were able to fly with us everything that we shopped! We had our luggages to the maximum weight.. including my handbag and handcarry! LOL. Our luggages were full and packed and really looks like a preggy woman hahaha! Thanks to Best Western Mayfair Suites, their weighing scale helped us a lot to avoid excess baggage weight :)

Done with day 3!! :) One more to go!

Ghetto B
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