Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yay or Nay: Bath and Body Works Lounge Socks

Merry Christmas Ghetto Gurls!!

Hope everyone is having the time of their lives eating, chatting,  opening gifts, and cam whoring with your loved ones in this special day. Today's the daywhen C hrist was born. So we must not forget the true essence of Christmas.. that it's more Christ's day than a day to wear fancy outfits and eat good food.

One pressie I got this Christmas is this Bath and Body Works Lounge socks. WTH is a lounge sock??! Well, lounge socks is God's coolest invention to those people who get cold easily hehe! It's just not your ordinary socks. It gives warmth and at the same time moisture to one's feet. Made specifically to be worn while inside the house on a rainy or cold day.. while munching on food while watching tv in your bed :) 

Words don't give justice to the feeling I feel when I first wore the socks. It's waaaaay toooooo soft and smooth. It's like my feet were wrapped in the softest and smoothest material ever and I can't help but wiggle my toes back and forth! The best way to wear this is by pairing it with your favorite PJs, get a couple of DVDs, popcorn or pizza, and you're good to go for the perfect DVD marathon hehe!

Front view of the socks. I forgot to take a picture of the design at the side which is a snowflake

  Non skid bottom to avoid slippage! Coolest idea! :) (I'm still wearing the gown from my friend's wedding! So that's not my sleepwear ha?)

  •  SOFTEST SOCKS EVER! Yeah you read it right.. it's in all caps! Haha!
  • It's infused with shea butter which moisturizes your feet while inside the socks
  • The non skid sole is two thumbs up! I tried to run and jump with it and I didn't slip
  • One size fits all! No need to look for sizes

  • I'm sure this isn't available locally since we don't have Bath and Body Works here :( Just ask relatives and friends to buy you one when they're abroad 
  • This was given to me as a gift so I didn't bother to look at the price but since it's from Bath and Body Works, I'm pretty sure this one's priced just right!

I'm in looooove with it! I have to retire my trusty Fruit of the Loom pink socks I use whenever I travel or feel cold when sleeping (since I'm a tropicana girl, I can't stand the cold. I ALWAYS put on socks). This one's like treating my foot to a 5 star hotel. :) Thanks to the thoughtful lady who gifted me with this. Muchas Gracias!!

Again, Merry Christmas/ Joyeaux Noel / Maligayang Pasko to every one!!!!

Ghetto B


  1. Just recently started wearing my Lavender Oil and Shea Butter Lounge Socks. They smell great, look great, feeeeeeeel great. They are perfect for lounging around the house and keeping my feet warm. This would be a great gift to give along with one of our many great foot creams we carry!

  2. I recieved these as a gift the other week and it was one of the best gifts I've recieved in a long time. This past week has been really rainy and cold so these socks kept my feet warm and comfy at night! The next morning after wearing them my feet were so soft! I love them so much I ordered some on-line, but I can't wait to get them so I'm going to the store tomorrow to buy some in every color....Now I don't look at getting socks for a gift as a bad thing any longer, lol!


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