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Rewinding My Life the Past Decade

2011 is just within our reach and it's only hours away before we bid goodbye to 2010.

I can't believe it's been more than a decade now since the new millennium! Before welcoming 2011 and apart from making my traditional 101 wishes for the new year (in which I tick off the ones that came true first before I write my new wish list), I want to reminisce and see my life in a time line to see what transpired in my (boring) life the past years! I was inspired by MFO when she did one last year :)

Note to reader: Proceed with caution. Excessive boredom ahead hehehe! :)


Graduated from an all-girls high school and started as a freshman in a co-ed university.  As a graduation gift to both me and my brother, we went to the States as a family! Met the BEST-EST FRIENDS EVER there :) Up to this day, I love those girls there to death. 

Our first fieldtrip at a museum hahaha!

With the girls inside the bus in another field trip! Classic! :))


I turned 18 and I had a debut party! Even when I was a kid, I never thought I'd have a debut since it's expensive for just a night's celebration. I wanted before a second hand car instead since it will be more useful. But last minute my parents told me I should have one since a.) I'm the only girl and b) I can buy my own car in the future when I work. So there, they insisted I have my debut. I didn't have an escort back then and just have my dad walk me down the spiral staircase with matching background music of  "She" hahaha! :))

The debutante with one of her 18 candles :)


This was the year when I first dared to cut my hair ala Winona Ryder! Hahahahaha!! I loved Winona Ryder and I just saw Autumn in New York that time. Then I thought of welcoming the new year with a new haircut! Even my parents were shocked to see me in that pixie style :)) It was kind of stressful to maintain that haircut since it needs constant trims and I have to put mousse since it looks better with mousse in it. I looked like a small boy lost in a college campus! It was also the year that my grandmother died. It was a first "death" in the family :c I've never went to funerals and wakes.. until my lola died. 2002 was also the year when me and my high school friends frequented Araneta Coliseum to watch the UAAP, specifically Ateneo games. I even cut some classes just to get there in time, buy tickets, and see my ultimate crush then.. Wesley Gonzales hehehehe!!!

During a long break from school, we had a studio pic! I'm the only girl with the blue patch on her shoulders hahaha! And oh, that's my pixie cut hair :)

After watching the Ateneo Blue Eagles play.. this is me going up to the bus of the players with Wesley Gonzales.


I decided to take up Management. In our school, you take liberal arts first during the first two years until you decide what you want. After some thought, I wanted Management since I want to work in the Marketing field. I was a self-confessed nerd back in the day. While the rest partied after a long exam or went to drink on a Friday night, I went home with my books :)) I was basically a deadkid with no social life. It's me, the school, and my house. Squeeze in the mall and church on Sundays in that schedule. This is the awkward stage of my hair since I'm growing back the hair I lost from my Winona Ryder hair cut hehe!

Me carrying my very thick Accounting book after class on the way to Starbucks :)

Camwhoring insinde the restroom. Our "sosyal" restroom plays pipe-in classical music!



I got accepted at special internship program in a telco company wherein they get the "best of the best" in each school. Out of like more than 50 students they just trim it down to the top 20. And I was lucky enough to be part of it. I got to see up close and personal and do some few chit-chatting with MVP (aka Manny V Pangilinan) who is one of the best business leaders in the country today. It was the year I experimented on having bangs since I was a kid. I never would dare to do it again since my forehead was attacked by tons of pimples afterwards :c It was also the first time I grew my hair long since I was a kid. I also tried on for the first time rebonding my hair and grow it long. I'm loving it and I'm sporting a long hair ever since :)

With MVP at dinner after watching a Talk & Text basketball game with the other interns. I really hated my hair. Super oily, unruly, and one-seat-apart bangs haha!

One of those class parties after hell week of long exams, papers, and projects. See my long hair now? :)


I graduated with a Master's Degree in Management. What's good about our school's program is that you have the option to have a Master's Degree or not. If you choose to do so, you extend 1 more year (from the usual 4 years) and your 5th year in school is like a work-study program. You go to work on weekdays and go to school on Saturdays. They also help you land internships. After graduation, it wasn't hard to look for a job since I had a bit of an edge with other fresh grads. I landed a job in the marketing department of a telco company as a brand manager (I handled Below the Line/events). What's cool about it was that even if I was a fresh grad, I did things fresh grads don't do. I was thrown in the fire and learned the ropes by experience.

At a marketing conference we attended at Makati Shangri La hotel


My first job at the marketing department

With my "twin sister" @ work.


I left the telco company and joined a executive search / HR consultancy firm as an associate consultant. Got promoted to consultant after wards. I met the another set of BEST-EST friends here as well. It's not that relevant but I think it is.. it's the first time I bought my MAC Studiofix foundatuon hehe!

My first pic and first Christmas with my new colleagues

Our family got bigger with more people being added to the team


Our family had a summer vacation for the first time in Cebu. It was fun because we were joined by our second cousins as well. It was also the first time to visit our mom's hometown. I've never seen a town sooooooooooooo rural as this one. It feels like urbanization and modernization never set foot on this town. Very peaceful and quiet. It was also my first out of the country trip with friends, and first time to set foot in Hong Kong and Macau! My friend sold me her Louis Vuitton Speedy so I got my first designer bag. It was the first time I got myself a credit card too!
At the Venetian Macau

At Hong Kong Disneyland!


I traveled to the States by myself! I was with my cousin going to SFO but after SFO, I went alone to visit my uncle's family in New York and visit my friend in San Diego. I went both west and east coasts.. ALONE! It was an adventure!!!! :) I took up Masters in Special Education before. I wanted to become a teacher back then for those kids with special needs. I was able to juggle school and work life back then. Sadly, I wasn't able to cope up with the pressure and I had to quit school after 1 year. I also learned how to drive! I started to become beauty-conscious this year because of  Nikki. I learned tips on how to apply makeup, skincare. Now at least I don't look like a 12 year old and I have better looking skin/face without my makeup and skincare mishaps! Hehehe!

At the starting point of the Brooklyn Bridge and at Macy's in Union Square San Francisco with the infamous Becks' billboard for Armani :)


2009 was tough, sprinkled with trials and challenges. I'm glad to have a very good support system who helped me get through :) I loosened up a bit more than before. Tried new restos, went out more with friends and have a great time. This year, I also bought my first Gucci bag :) It was also the first time we joined a Christmas bazaar to sell bags, shoes, and other stuff! It was tiring but super fun! It's been years since my relatives in my father's side got complete since some are based in SFO. For the 80th birthday of my grandma last December '09, everyone took part in the festivities. All her sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters were all present to give her a surprise! After 2 decades, we were all reunited! I also went to Hong Kong for the second time around, but for the first time with my high school girlfriends. It was a quickie weekend and we just decided 5 days before to just go to HK :) I love doing random things like that. 

With my girls at Hong Kong's The Peak

The Ghetto Gurls at the La Vista Christmas Bazaar

Gramma's 80th birthday with the whole clan!

In the first half of the year, I was in between jobs. I had a grand vacation of sorts. I also sidelined for my friend's specialty/boutique pet store. Me and Shanna started  The Ghetto Gurls :) Then I got myself a job at an FMCG company! One of my dreams!! I really dreamt before that I wanna try working in the FMCG industry and see how it is.  I went to different places in the Philippines I haven't even set foot. One of the most memorable is the Palawan trip! This year, I also got to travel for the first time with my whole family in Singapore! It's our family's first Asian trip :) Tried out Universal Studios Singapore too! I also went to Bangkok for the first time with the my college besttbuds. Endless shopping and eating was insanely fun!  Ir was also the first time I got a surprise birthday party! Never in my whole life I got a surprise! And it feels  really good and you feel loved/special. I got my first Longchamp LM bag as a birthday gift from my friend. 

At at Temple in Bangkok

The family with Shrek and Fiona at Universal Studios

Started The Ghetto Gurls with Shanna!

Whew!!!! I may not have a life reality show producers would love to buy but I was happy the way things turned out for me :) This coming 2011, I'm really excited what is in store for me since I'm very much optimistic that this year is a better year for me. I did have some really really really tough setbacks the past years and I didn't think that I'd be able to survive it with flying colors! Seriously. I remember someone said that if you get through tough times without giving up, the reward is double and more than you expect!

So for the year 2011, here's one shout out for you from me: "Lezzzz get it ooooon!!" Heehee!! 

Ghetto B

P.S. If you guys notice (or did not), you didn't see anything heart-related matters in there since the start of the decade! Hehehehe! That's because there's isn't any.... YET! I'm not abnormal.  And yeah it happens and there are special cases.. like me! a.k.a late bloomer :)) That's chapter two waiting to be written on. :) I'm feeling the good vibes that the love bug will bite me this year of the rabbit. *winks* Ya'll better warch out bwahaha!


  1. You went through so much na and you've changed to a LOVELY YOUNG LADY :) :) :) Naks!!! Glad to have known you, glad our paths crossed! Happy New Year Ghetto Gurls!

  2. NAKS!!! hahaha!! lovely young lady! wala nang bawiaan ah??! :) glad to have known you too! I will forever remember you as the first admark perosn who said "hello" sa ym hehehe! Can't wait to see you soon! We will plan it! Happy New Year AMW! :)


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