Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Clean your Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Good Morning Ghetto Gurls!

It's work time once again after a very long Chrsitmas vacay! Well, I've eaten tons and tons of good food, took gazillions of pictures, and enjoyed to the max! I'll just think of going back to shape come 2011 :) In the meantime, I'll just go with the flow and celebrate the rest of the holiday season.

After the parties and gatherings, I got the chance to sneak in some "cleaning" time for my room and my bag. I was forced to clean my room because it was unbelievably messy that I can't have space to walk with the enormous Christmas clutter. I can't find any space to put the gifts I received. Second, I've been wanting to give my my Longchamp baby it's much deserve bath but with my insande sked, I can't do so! :c Good thing I had the time this vacation to give my LC it's first ever bath hehehe!! :)

I first used the bag during my recent Bangkok trip. Afterwards, I used it and brought it with me in my out of town trips for work. Basically, this bag was a jetsetter! With my constant use, I forgot that it also gets dirty and stinky. So now is the time to give her a decent cleaning!! :) Yeyyy!!!

Black Dirt/Stain at the bottom of the bag since it's the most vulnerable part to dirt

"Weapons" you need to fight that dirt, grime, and stain!
Water, toothbrush, and soap. I decided to use a very mild one like this Nivea Hand to Toe wash. I wanted to use something mild since I'm afraid to use something with strong chemicals that might wash away the color or the print of the bag.


While brushing the bag.. see the gross dirt???!?!

Finished product!!!! SUCCESS!! My very clean, pretty in pink Longchamp LM bag!

Lesson that learned??? Like a mother to her child, I should treat my bag with TLC = Tender Loving Care. No matter how busy I am, I should make it a point to squeeze in some time to make sure that it's clean so that it always looks like brand new! My LC is special to me because this was given to me by a dear friend! I have to show to her that I care and love it! She gave me not just a plain Le Pliage but a printed Longchamp LM bag!

Hope I shared some tips to all those Longchamp Le Pliage owners out there! :)

Ghetto B


  1. wahhh buti nalinis mo na! super dirty nga! I need to give mine a well-deserved bath too :)

  2. nikki!!!! longtime no chika!! oo noh. i was super happy after cleaning my super dirty bag hehe!! let's catch up soon!!! mwah! :x

  3. So glad I ran in to this post before cleaning up my le pliage bag.. many thanks ghetto gurls!

  4. hi, would any soap would? like body wash soap?

  5. HI! Did you clean the inside too, or just the stains outside?

  6. i used too the toothbrush and safeguard in my longchamp and it is effective!!!


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