Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ghetto Gurls' Look for Less: Lace Dress

Happy Thursday Girlies!!

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned about two holiday dresses I bought. One is the bandage dress and the other one is the lace dress. Well voila! Here is the lace dress I was talking about. My peg/fashion inspiration was the D&G Satin and Lace dress. I wanted a red dress so as to match the festive Christmas celebration.

 D&G Satin and Lace dress. This frock I think costs around USD 900!

My own version of the D&G Satin and Lace Dress! Would you believe I got this for only Php 450?!! :) I also love the scallop details and sweetheart neckline :)

Red dress for Christmas day! I just put on dangling pearl earrings, tied my hair in a bun (since I woke up late and no time to iron out my hair hehe!) and I'm good to go! :) I also have a New Year's outfit in mind.. Will share next time! :)

Ghetto B


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