Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yay or Nay: L'oreal Brow Stylist in Light Brown

Good morning friendships! :)

I have thick and dark brows ever since I was a kid. I'm even too lazy to pluck it every once in a while because everytime I do it, it bleeds! *eeew!* For some reason, I went to this parlor somewhere in the province while on a business trip and the person who shaved my eyebrows went overboard and made it soooo thin! :-( I just told him to clean it and not to finish it all off hahaha! I consulted my go-to person when it comes to makeup, dear Nikki of Askmewhats. Even she couldn't believe it that I my thick brows from just months ago became thin! She suggested that I use a slanted brush and a matte brown eyeshadow (good thing I have a dark brown one from L'oreal HIP's Shady).

Just last weekend, after going to church, I decided to drop by the weekend bazaar at the Big Tent near our village. There was this stall who sold cheap drugstore makeup from the States. Since I went before the bazaar closed, I was given further discount! I was eyeing the L'oreal 3-in-1 brow stylist in Light Brown. The seller was nice and from Php 250, he gave it to me for Php 200! It was a steal so I already grabbed it. If only I didn't have enough L'oreal HIP shadows, I would've bought some! He was only selling  it for Php 250!

L'oreal Brow Stylist in Light Brown

The L'Oreal Brow Stylist Package and it's anatomy when you remove the parts hehehe! :))

  • Innovative product for having a pull-out tweezer, powder eyebrow pencil, and brow brush all in one!
  • I love the result! I do get the right thickness of the brows that I want and don't get to look a adolescent kid with bushy brows haha!
  • The shade complements me well. Even though I have jet black hair, it looks like natural on me
  • Very easy to use and multi-tasking. You can brush the brow hair, pluck some little ones, and fill your brows all the same time. No need to get a spoolie brush and a tweezer! :)
  • I'm not sure if this is a factor but since it's a powder pencil/crayon, with just a few swipes, the pencil gets blunt easily. So I have to sharpen it again. And since the pencil is not that long, I think this will not last me a long time
  • I'm not sure if this is available locally since I bought this at a bazaar.

My eyebrows without L'Oreal eyebrow stylist

My eyebrows after filling and lining my brows

Sorry for the amateur pics! I have a very oily face that day and I'm too lazy to put on some powder and concealer so as to able to show my eyes hahaha! But do you see the drift? The result is lovely! Having thick brows makes a person look younger :) Even if im ____ years old now, I think I can still pass as a teener if I sport this brows :) Hahaha!

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  1. hahaha sis! Naks practice mode na on the new brow pencil! GO GO GO! Love it! I must see you in new "brows" in person!


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