Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Would you Wear: Sandals with Socks

Good morning girlies!

The long weekend holiday is officially over and it's time to work our lazy asses of again hehehehe!

I've been seeing this (weird) trend in glossies lately that fashion-forward fashionistas have been wearing their sky high sandals with socks! Yeah.. you read it right. Sandals with socks. Spells like a perfect concoction of disaster, right? But this trend has been spotted in the runways of like Marni and Alexander Wang.

The last time I remember wearing socks with my sandals was circ late 90s when the Birkenstock was a popular footwear that time and I had to wear my favorite jeans with matching socks to go with it. Hahahaha!! I really can't imagine myself going all over again with it but this time, with legit sandals. Honestly speaking, i'm not fashion forward when it comes to style. I'm mostly the stick to neutrals, basics, and the safe ones when it comes to my wardrobe and this risk is not for me.. unless I'm an Alexa Chung or Leighton Meester who maybe can go with flying colors and not get judged by the fashion police hehehe! :)

Alexa Chung

Leighton Meester

One thing is for sure if you want to join the bandwagon: use the paper-thin socks (like those you see in the hosiery section and not the sweat socks you use in your gym or tennis classes hehehe!). And second, IMO, one must wear a heeled sandals and not a flat one to avoid looking a senior citizen :))

Ghetto B

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  1. I've seen this around too, but mostly for photo purposes but I haven't seen them literally walking around our streets


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