Friday, November 19, 2010

Discovery: On Finding Fashion Treasure at Star Mall

Hello sunshines!!!

     One afternoon after a long day at the office, I did not feel like going home yet.  After all, no one was at home to greet me so I thought about spending the afternoon at a nearby mall.  I can do my usual round of "exercise," which is of course shopping!  I invited my friend to come with me, after seducing her with a free hotdog, she agreed to accompany me!  That statment--a way to a man's heart is through his stomach?  I think its applicable to both men and women! Hehe=)

     We decided to go to Starmall, the mall sitting in the corner of Edsa and Shaw blvd and in front of Shangri-la mall.  I so love this mall because everything here is just plainly affordable maybe because it caters to mostly the C Market but well, I don't really mind.  I am excited to shop buying lots and lots of items that costs 10 Php and 20 Php.

     But other than the shops that sells all items at 10Php and 20 Php, I also happen to stumble a pretty fashionable shop.  The shop's name is Joyo.  Here are the stuffs that I bought and boy was it a pretty fun retail therapy! It did not only make me happy, my wallet was in fact, still a bit fat after.  Plus, I got some extra to buy my friend the hotdog that I promised her.  She wanted extra jumbo!  But fortunately, the biggest one was just jumbo.  SO jumbo hotdog on stick it is for the price of *drum roll please*  12 Php, yes pretties only twelve pesos!  We have happy tummies for P12.00  In case you might be wondering what cheap hotdog brand it is? Well, it is Swift Hotdog.

Some shots inside Joyo Boutique in Star Mall

Anyway, back to what I shopped, here they are...*drum roll please*...

Headband with Gold Specks 99 Php

Headband with Pink Dog 79 Php

Choker with Silk Rose in Light Pink at 79 Php

...and because I just can't get enough, I had to get it in another color!

Choker with Silk Rose in Hot Pink at 79 Php

The last but not the least...The Uber cute Floral Ring that I got for 69.75 Php

I am happy and so is my wallet.

Joyo is located at the 2nd level of Starmall.  (Along EDSA, in front of Shangri-la Mall

How about you? Have you discovered any fashion haven that won't make your pocket cry?  Come on, spill the beans with me, pretties!

Till my next discovery!


Ghetto S


  1. wow those are really pretty! love the pink choker and your ring ;) Nice haul ;)

  2. I love Ghetto S! I want to go there and shop with you girls!!!

  3. Hi Charry! Thanks, those are my favorite ones too plus the fact that it was really affordable:)

    Nikkers: Yes, yes we have to shop together one of these days and I'll buy you a hotdog=) hahaha


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