Saturday, September 11, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore: Tips on how to have more FUN!

Hello pretties!  How are you today?

Well, today I am gonna share to you some tips on how to have more FUN at Universal Studios Singapore.

Ghetto S Suggests...

1.  Wear light weight cotton.  A nice shirt and shorts would be very ideal.  I am discouraging you to wear pants here because the weather in Singapore is pretty crazy, its humid, warm then it would suddenly rain. Pants especially the denim ones could be warm on the legs and if it gets wet just in case the rain pours, its pretty hard to dry it up and gets pretty heavy when wet.  Its easier to maintain wet legs because you can just wipe it off than walking around in wet pants.  Get the picture?

2.  For girls, if you wanna wear pretty at the pictures, it is fine to wear a dress.  Just make sure it is not too short that guys can make peekaboos in you HUHAs. You know what I mean...Wear a dress that you are comfortable wearing and of course, please choose a cotton fabric and skip those chiffon and silk.

3.. Shoes!  This is soo important.  I strongly urge you pretty girls to skip the stilettos, the wedges or anything high.  Choose your favorite walking sandals, flats, slippers or sneakers.   Among the 4 I suggest you wear your favorite sandals because sandals would look cute in pictures.  Flats might make your toes feel hot while sandals gives more air for them to breathe, after all you will be walking for hours.  It might get sweaty down there.  Slippers, well its too informal--not unless you have super pretty slippers, and sneakers? Well, you can run around them but then if in case it rains and it gets wet?  Well it will be dripping.  You can easily wipe off water from your sandals.  So let it be sandals.  In my case, I used my favorite white sandals from Carmelettes.

4.  Bring an  umbrella with you, a small one perhaps so it won't be bulky or if you don't have one, there are disposable raincoats for sale at the shops around Universal Studios which costs around 1 SGD.

5.  Sunblock!  Protect yourself from harmful UV rays while you are out and basking under the hot Singapore sun having fun at the themed park, after all, its an open area. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock because I like the scent, the feel(weightless) and the fact that it has SPF 45=)

6.  Bring extra clothes so if you get all sweaty or wet from some of the rides, you can easily run at the nearest comfort room to freshen up and change your wardrobe.  It really is good to be ready.

7.  Bring a fully charged camera! 

8.  And most importantly bring loads of smiles, sunshine and a heart for adventure.

Then, you are ready to have  maximum fun at Universal Studios in Singapore!

Hope I was a big help=)

Thanks pretties...Kisses:*



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