Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Musings: 8 things a great guy would do

Good morning from your little miss sunshine! Monday once again! To get through this lazy day, I'd like to share with you something cute to make you all say "awwwwwww". I really find this cute. Hope this perks up your Monday morning :)

Plus, this song is something I really really like at the moment! Just the sound of the intro, I really really get goosebumps and I automatically blurt out awwwws in my mind :)) This can be the background song while you are reading the image above. YIHEEEES!!! Don't you just love the lyrics of the song and the video as well? I'm pretty sure everyone wants to be the girl in this song! I hope someone gets to sing this song for me! heehee! The video is very cool as well! Great job Bruno Mars! Hehehe!

Ghetto B


  1. I saw this video as I was getting dressed this morning. ::swoons at the lyrics::


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