Thursday, September 9, 2010

The power of The Secret works: Ghetto B gets her early birthday pressie

Good morning Thursday! It's good to be writing once again. Though I'm a self-confessed nerd at work, I still find a teeny weeny free time for me to insert blogging :)

A couple months bag, I wrote about my drooling moment over Longchamp bags. I re-read my post back then and I clearly wrote in the last pargraph:

"Well should I buy my own Longchamp, I'm leaning on buying the Garance color (red) because I know a Jeremy Scott collection would be pricey. For now, I have to save, save and use the power of The Secret to make it come true :) And i'll go back to this post years from now to see that what I had imagined to come true really did come true!"
4 months ago, I only settled and wished for a plain colored one because a printed Longchamp is more expensive. Then one day, a very very good and best friend of mine handed me a paperbag when I visited her house. Let's hide her in a codename Donya (she's gonna kill me if she reads this and I call her Donya hehe!)  She told me that she got me this present a long time ago when she went to Hong Kong. She knew I was drooling for Longchamp as she read here in the blog. So when she bought me one, she vowed to save it and patiently wait until my birthday to hand it!! But she's always hearing from me my intention to buy a Longchamp by telling her stories on how I canvassed prices through resellers and my plan to ask our friend who's based in London to buy one for me. Now before I buy my own, she already handed her gift to me 2 months in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus also as a thank you token for helping her out in her nerdy work hehe!

When i first saw the paperbag, I didn't think of it immediately since she might have used just the paperbag but it contains a different thing inside. But when I saw the shadow of the item upon holding the gift tissue, I knew it already. i was so in awe that the only words I can speak of were "ohmygoooooooosshhhh", "waaaaaaaaah", "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek". I was totally speechless. I hugged my friend with a big smile on my face as I was saying my thank you's. It was really thoughtful and sweet of her to do this for me. Really really really didn't expect it. On top of that, I didn't get a plain one.. I GOT A PRINTED ONE! The Longchamp LM Line medium short handle tote in PINK!!!

Longchamp LM Nylon Line (stands for Longchamp Maroquinerie) is a higher end model of the usual Le Pliage. The original LM line was first released during the 70s. It was brought back last 2008 to celebrate Longchamp's 60th anniversary. The print has a vintage Longchamp horse and a belt criss-cross logo. The usual colors of the LM are the metallic which are steel and bronze. And mine is Pink!!!!! (still can't get over the pink color hehe!)

My fabolous gift. I love the ribbon and the paperbag

When you open the gift tissue, it looks like this! What's good about it is it's foldable! There's a hook and eye both at the flap and the back (bottom part) to securely hold it if you want to fold it.

My Longchamp LM baby standing up! heehee! :)

Again to my dear friend, thanks for being such a sweetheart! Thanks super!!!! I'm soooooo loving it and I'm gonna take care of it BIGTIME! Now I really therefore believe that wishes do come true and the power of The Secret really works :)

Ghetto B


  1. Yay congrats bei! You finally got what you've been longing for ! GO THE SECRET!

  2. parang kilala ko si Donya! Sosyal mag regalo :p

  3. nikki - pag may bag ako, may bag ka rin! *wink* patingin ng bonggacious bag mo!

    golda - hahahahaha!! ang galing mo. in fairness..kilala mo nga si donya. sosyalin magbigay sa hampas lupa like me!:))


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