Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food trip: Almost Gourmet Food Service

Happy Tuesday Ghetto Gurls! I'd like to share with you a gem that I have discovered lately - - Almost Gourmet Food Service!  I'd like to give you a quick gist on how I stumbled upon them. Here are work, we don't have anywhere to go to for lunch as we are not located in the business district. So it's a must to bring lunch in the office. And one day, I saw ALGO tagged one my friends in Facebook as I got interested in the picture (it was yummy!) I read through their Facebook page and official website and found out more about them:
"Almost Gourmet Food Service (ALGO) is a home-based business specializing in meal packs and party trays. Our meals are a variety of freshly-cooked meals that are delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly. Our menu consists of international cuisine -- ranging from Italian, Japanese, to our very own Filipino. Our clients include office workers and private residents who appreciate good food at affordable prices. With ALGO, there is no longer a need to dine in fancy restaurants to get a daily dose of gourmet.
ALGO started its operations in August of 2008, providing meal packs to an office in Eastwood City. Today, ALGO also delivers to offices in Commonwealth, Katipunan, Eastwood, Pioneer, Shaw, Kapitolyo, Ortigas, Fort, McKinley and Makati. We expect to expand our meal packs customer base in 2010. As for party trays, ALGO caters to homes and offices within Metro Manila. Our kitchen is located in BF Homes, Quezon City."

Voila! The magic word I saw in there is that their kitchen is just a stones-throw away from me!!! I got in touch with the owner, Joyce Romualdez, with her mobile number posted in the website. After a few minutes, she quickly replied and answered all of my queries. After browsing the mechanics for first time customers and the menu for the week, I ordered 2 meals! I do bring food everyday to work (which my co-workers find weird hehehe!) but of course to have variety, I decided to try their healthy meals :)

What to expect with ALGO Meal Packs?

"Almost Gourmet Meal Packs come in plastic containers that are microwaveable and reusable. Each pack can fit one viand with one to two side dishes. Typical viands are chicken, beef, pork, seafood and vegetable.
ALGO customers may choose from six various side options, namely, white rice, brown rice, wheat bread, garden salad, buttered veggies and mashed potatoes. Sides are indicated by using their codes (S1, S2... S6). Customers may also opt for half sides (HS1, HS2... HS6) or no sides at all. Weekly meal pack menus do not include rice unless explicitly stated (ex: Grilled Tuna w/ Garlic Rice) because some of our customers prefer salad or mashed potatoes with their meals. ALGO's side options give them the flexibility to mix and match their orders."
What I like about ALGO Meals

  • They have ALGO Sexy Meals for the health conscious. Meaning to lessen the fat content, they use olive oil and avoid frying
  • You can order half sides! Like half rice or half mashed potato or more than 1 side! :)
  • When you open your meal, you feel like you took home gourmet food from an upscale resto! Presentation is fab. Black container is microwaveble and reusable too!
  • No pressure to order every day. Order what you just like for that day :)
I'd like to share with you the 2 meal packs I ordered from last week's menu. And I must say, really really loved it! I will definitely order next time :)

Tandoori Chicken Salad with Yogurt Mint Dressing - Chicken is roasted perfectly! I love the dressing. The veggies were fresh!

Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad - I love this because there's a gourmet cheese in it ( I'm a cheese person!) and the dressing is pesto! Good combo!

Important points to keep in mind:
  • ALGO send their menu a week before (every Wednesday). Deadline of ordering is every Friday, 8 PM
  • No need to order everyday. You can order when on days when you want to :)
  • You pay at the end of the week (every Friday) or when you get your last order. Billing will be sent every Thursday
  • Everyday food wil be delivered from 10 am to 12 nn.
  • Minimum order per home or organization is 5 packs per day. Free Delivery.
  • Order cancellation is allowed via email or phone at least 2 days in advance
  • ALGO or Joyce can be contacted via the following:
So there pretties! No reason to get grumpy during lunch because your food sucks. You can have gourmet food at an affordable price with just the power of your fingertips!

Ghetto B

Photos from: Almost Gourmet


  1. we should give this a try beatot! Thanks for sharing! I am sure your colleagues are staring at your "sosyal" na lunch! heheheh :)

  2. hahaha! sinabi mo pa! i had that weird stare when I mentioned my nosebleed lunch for the day haha! and yeah admark girls should give this a try. Or take home one for mother dear :) I'm betting my pwet on it heehee!


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