Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yay or Nay: Skin 79 BB Cream VIP Gold Collection

I first heard BB cream from the makeup and skincare guru slash friend Nikki of Askmewhats :) She was road testing a couple of BB creams and I was wondering what the hell is BB cream?! She had tried a couple of brands already which she got from some online sellers in ebay so she shared some to us. I tried I think 2-3 brands and the best one for me was Skin 79 VIP Gold collection BB cream.

BB Cream, short for Beblesh Balm cream, originated in Germany as a medication to those patients who underwent laser surgery to treat scars and regenerate their skin once again, which was first used by Korean superstars to get that porcelain and flawless look. BB cream is a manna from heaven to those oily-skinned individuals like me since it it acts both as makeup and skincare - it acts like a makeup primer before putting in foundation and as a skincare product which alleviates oiliness and prevents acne. For those who had acne scards that darkened already, BB cream helps cover these scars and at the same time regenerate the skin to give way to a new and fresh skin.

I use a pea sized amount to spread all over a part of my face.

My hands with a pea size of Skin 79 BB Cream. No flash from the camera. Notice a glow and a foundation-like color


My hand once again without BB Cream. No flash still, but no glow unlike the previous picture

  • Skin 79 BB cream has the 3 benefits which I already proved that works: helps prevent my face becoming too oily, it prevented acne and made my acne scars disappear, it has SPF 25 too
  • It acts both as a skincare and makeup product. I can use this as a primer before applying foundation and the same time makes brighter. What I mean by brighter is that I have that "glow"
  • Makes my makeup long lasting. Less touch-ups for me :) Saves my foundation consumption
  • It corrected my skin tone. Since I am acidic, I can turn really dark if  I used the wrong foundation. With Skin 79, my skin tone become brighter, softer, and flawless looking
  • 1 universal shade for all
  • A little pea size goes a long way. Easy to blend in on the skin.
  • Skin 79 is not available in stores. Must be purchased via online resellers only.

Before using BB cream my skin, especially my forehead had that  acne that looked like tiny zits/whiteheads and I have really oily skin. And since I'm oily, my makeup needs to be retouched every once in a while because it tends to "melt". But after using it, I now believe in all of its promises!! :) I will always have a stash of Skin 79 BB cream in my dresser :)

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  1. hahahh ang cute ng hands mo super iksing daliri pa! sorry out of topic.

    But I saw how this bb cream works on you!!!!


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