Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yay or Nay: Ponds Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon

Yahoooooo!!! Saturday is already here! My long weekend officially starts now! :) Do you have plans for the long weekend? Well... I do! :-)

I always see and hear about the new Ponds Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon on tv, radio, and print. When I go to the grocery, I see some of their promodizers doing the experiment of how Activated Carbon lifts the black impurities of the skin since this organic ingredient is a powerful purifier.


  • I love the packaging. I loved the commericial with the activated carbon experiment Black white and pick is eye candy to me. These are the reasons why I tried one.

  • The color of the foam is grayish silver. Something new to me. Interesting!

  • I love the scent.

  • Doesn't make my face squeaky clean/dry. There's still moisture aftewards left in my. skin


  • I don't know if it's connected but I had a zit in my chin after using it.

  • I have allergy rhinitis. My sensitive nose gets irritated (even though I loved the scent) right after washing my face = sneezing 5 consecutive times everytime I wash my face with it
It's good to use and try other facial foams/facial wash from time to time though I will still remain a loyal Cetaphil facial wash user. Ponds Facial Foam is worth the try.

Have you tried the new Pond's Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon? What do you think? You can also visit the official Pond's webpage to discover more.

Ghetto B


  1. Ghetto B! I have this! And I will give this a try din, intriguing concept kasi :)

  2. sisterhood for life tlga! let us (well your amw readers) know watchatink! :) i have this zit pa din til now.. SUPER BIG!!!! but well i can't conclude naman related sya with my use of it.


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