Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay or Nay: Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Lotion

Good Morning Sunshines! I'm sorry for being MIA lately.. I've been very busy with work and really don't have time to even go online. Typhoon "Bashang" has hit Manila pretty hard :( but hope everything goes back to normal and all people are safe from harm.

Anyhow, I think I told you before that I'm a lotion person. I can't live the house without putting one. I do have a collection of lotion :-) Among my lotion faves is Bath and Body Works. My dear friend Nikki of AMW gave me from before 2 lovely scents I love - Cucumber Melon and Sweet Pea while my another partner in crime, Haydee gave me Warm Vanilla Sugar. I remember buying at a super sale price the Honeysuckle fragrance lotion at a Bath and Body Works Outlet for just $1 or $2 I think :) Last Christmas, my aunt gave me a new one coming from their Signature Collection - - - Sea Island Cotton

The Signature Collection formula contains ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E that makes and keeps skin moisturized. Sea Island Cotton is a clean scent, inspired by pure white fresh cotton flowing in the air.

  • I'm truly, madly, deeply, in love with the scent!!! As in. I'm into baby powdery, fresh, clean scents (just like Bvlgari's Petit et Mamans) and this truly is a good example of it. Should I want to go out and get noticed or if there's a special occassion, this lotion is my go-to lotion. Never ever fails me. Scent stays all day. I also feel pretty when I use this hehehehe! :)
  • I love the viscosity of the lotion. Not too thick and is not greasy.
  • Lives up to its promise of moisturizing your skin. This will never make your skin dry
  • I'm curious to smell and try the other Sea Island Cotton product line like the Eau de Toilette, shower gel, fragrance mist, etc. Just my hunch, they are all good!!! :)
  • Since I live here in Manila, I won't get to access or enjoy the promotions they have in the website. I just have to deal with the prices of resellers here.

Available at the Bath and Body Works website for USD10.50 for a 8 fl oz. bottle. But if you buy more than 1, you might as well take advantage of the promos like Buy 3 and Get 2 Free or Buy 2 and Get 1 Free. This lotion lands in the Top 3 of my all-time favorite lotions. I will definitely stock up on this :-)

Ghetto B


  1. In fairness Ghetto B, you can still post amidst the busy sched! :) Miss you! See you on the 25th!

  2. I know!!! Super busy galore to the nth power bu squeezing in time to post! Nerd. Like you hehe! I missed chatting with you too. Let's catch up soon! Thanks again.. for my Bath & body Works lotion(s):)


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