Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation: A Paradise in Mactan Island, Cebu -- Plantation Bay

It was love at first sight the moment I set foot on Plantation Bay--that was 14 years ago.  So you would not blame me if I was crazy excited when my friend and I finally decided to spend a weekend there.  Call me ghetto, but this is a dream come true to me.  Pinch, pinch, pinch me!  Lol!

So there, we found ourselves happily boarding the Zest Air plane (of course, though Plantation Bay is a first class resort, we still managed to do some budgeting and budgeting appeared on our airline ticket).  We were pretty impressed because Zest Air provided us with free coffee, juice, tea or water plus an inflight magazine and newspaper to keep us entertained.

When we arrived at the airport, we got a warm welcome from a Plantation bay representative who fetched us together with other guests.  We felt special--and for a moment he thought I was Korean.  Nice!

Plantation Bay is even better now.More beautiful and magical.  Here are some pics to show you why it took my breath away...

I have my own island where I can chill...

This was taken right outside the room...very convenient.

I would want to get married here someday.  A couple actually got married when we were there.  It took place during sunset and reception was dinner by the lagoon side.  Very romantic!

This is a salt water pool...(there are dozens of lagoons/pools all over Plantation Bay) We actually went pool hopping,  You will never get tired of the view.

What can I say...the place looks sooo much better in person.

Crossing a wide lagoon...

My friend, Monica happily basking in the sun and posing.

Island hopping? Not a problem. In fact, you don't need a boat. Just walk...or swim.

I'm beginning to miss Plantation Bay just by looking at these pictures.

They have amenities for children, FYI.  In fact, they have a daycare center.  They have lots of kiddie pools!  And the hotel has also come up with lots of activities for children.  So your children won't get bored.

This is a french inspired freshwater pool...

In one of the Gazebos near the Lobby...

Feeling like i'm in paradise...Feeler!

Love strolling around! Can;t get enough...

Free Kalesa ride to all the guests...

This area reminds me of a Mama Mia scene...this is at the beach.  There is actually a real beach at Plantation Bay apart from their large man made lagoons.  The guests can go island hopping, para sailing, jet skiing, and other water sports.

Looking over the water...

You can go biking at the compound too.  It's for free...!!!

Waiting for lunch...=)

Apart from the beautiful view(which is even more beautiful in real life), Plantation Bay holds the title for Best Spa Experience.  I will tell you more about their Spa next time and of course I will show you pictures!  If you are looking for paradise in paradise...I recommend you try Plantation Bay in Mactan Island, Philippines.  And oh, the food is great too! I'll tell you about the hotel restaurants and the food that we tried next time as well.

How to get there:

Plane via Cebu City

For more information,  please visit their website. Click HERE.

and FYI,  Plantation Bay is definitely not a cheap resort, but you can save for it and I tell you it will be worth your experience.  And of course on top of the beauty of the resort, what I admire most about Plantation Bay is the warmth and smiles of the staffs there.  I have never feel like i'm at home away from home than in Plantation Bay.  They will really take good care of you during your stay there.  Special thanks to Ms. Colleen=)

Ghetto me is gonna wake Mr. Piggy Bank now, fill it up and go back to Plantation Bay again...This vacation is definitely my misadventure in the glamorous world! 

Till then pretties=)

What is your dream vacation spot in the Philippines?


Ghetto S


  1. Anywhere in the Philippines as long as it's safe..has wonderful sights and of course beach! :)

  2. Correct Nikki! Philippines is such a beautiful place! Next stop, Palawan!

  3. Hi, I found a nice place to stay in Cebu Apartments,Condotel
    They have an online booking 24/7, the place is quite like home and near the airport.

  4. Thanks for the information. we can try them next time!=)


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