Sunday, July 11, 2010

TV Series: I love Cougar Town!

Hello pretty ones!

Are you currently in search for a new TV series that you wanna follow?  Ghetto B has suggested Vampire Diaries and I think I'm gonna buy the DVD soon.  Anyway,  I want to share with you a new hilarious TV sitcom that I just finished watching and I am recommending to all you people especially the ladies=)

I am a huge fan of watching TV series.  Some of the shows that I have been following are Lost, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, Prison Break (which by the way has ended already) and the latest addition is Cougar Town!  No! Its not all about a town full of cougars! (The title is actually very misleading, it was entitled that way maybe just to catch attention.) I think the word "cougar" just rings a bell!  Anyway...

Cougar Town is a wickedly funny and smart sitcom that has a ton of heart and is definitely worth watching.  The characters are all so lovable and in fact they made me literally laugh out loud even though I’m alone watching it. It is about love, family, relationships, parenting, and friendship.  The mood is light that it can actually make you forget about problems and heaviness in life--which makes Cougar town so perfect for entertainment! 


A recently divorced woman decides to find some excitement in her dating life.


Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb – She is the 40-ish realtor who got pregnant early and basically missed her twenties life because she was busy raising a baby.  And now that she is divorced at 40, she plans to live what she missed in her twenties.

Christa Miller as Ellie Torres – The bestfriend of Jules Cobb, who lives next door with her husband, Andy.  They have a baby and she is a housewife.  Ellie loves to talk about sex and to gossip.

Busy Philipps as Laurie Keller – The assistant of Jules Cobb in her Real Estate Agency.  Very fun loving and a bit wild and adventurous. Laurie considers herself as the BFF of Jules and she encourages Jules to date.

Josh Hopkins as Grayson Ellis – Jules Cobb’s handsome neighbor who also recently got divorced. He owns a pub, is 40-ish and likes dating young girls, really young girls--rubbing it in Jules' face.  Unlike Jules, he embraces his bachelor lifestyle.  Will he become a love interest?  You'll have to find out.

Dan Byrd as Travis Cobb
– He is the son of Jules and Bobby Cobb.  Travis is an insecure high school student and the fact that his mother is dating younger guys and his dad is the school's new lawn guy is not helping.

Ian Gomez as Andy Torres
– Andy is married to Ellie and is completely devoted to and whipped by her.  Andy is definitely a bit on the pudgey side and not exactly what we'd call sexy, but somehow finds his way to turn Ellie on.  And he is a huge fan of Bobby Cobb.

Brian Van Holt as Bobby Cobb – The Ex husband of Jules Cobb.  Bobby spent most of their marriage touring with his unsucessful band cheating on Jules like crazy.  It's no shock they got divorced and he now spends his days begging for alimony checks and cutting the grass at his son, Travis' high school. He maintains a close relationship with Jules.

5 Reasons why you should watch Cougar Town…

1.                  You deserve to laugh.  The sitcom is really hilarious.
2.                  It is not about Cougars.  Cougartown is actually the name of their town.
3.                  The characters are all so funny!  Reminds me a bit like Friends. 
4.                  Jules Cobb’s house is so pretty.  The set is all colorful and bright and just gives me enough sunshines.  I wanna live there.
5.                  Well, it kinds of takes away seriousness in life. else could you ask for?

I am done with the first season.  I can’t wait for the next season!  Bring it on, Courtney!

How about you? What TV Series are you currently following?

Let me know…




  1. I know how much you love this series and judging from this post, its worth watching :D

  2. Hi Nikki! i am pretty sure you will have loads of fun watching it=) watch na and chika tayo hehehehe


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