Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kids Fashion: Little Miss Pink

Hi Pretty Ones!

It's Thursday! One more day and its TGIF.  Exciting!  (I noticed that from Monday to Thursday, B and I have been looking forward to Friday which is of course the last day of the work/school.)  Well, what can I say? The Ghetto Gurls are just fond of weekends. Hehe=)

Anyways,  did I ever tell you that I have a cute and adorable daughter who is actually my mini doll? LOL.  Well she loves being my doll.  I love playing dress up with her and today is actually her first fashion appearance in GG.  And of course, the GG mommy and daughter team would like to share with you a fashion for less for little kikays!

Headband:  Forever 21 (It was purchased from the US through a friend when Forever 21 was not yet open here but worry no more girls because Forever 21 is just a train/taxi/fx/walk/car/ away...)  I think it cost me around Php 200 more or less...sorry i forgot.)

Dress:  Color Block Dress at Girlshoppe from SM Dept Store P299.00 (pretty cheap but uber nice and comfy)

Shoes:  It's a Pink Ballet Flats from Korea that was given to her by her Granny.  Purchased at Tutuban Mall for Php 250.00

I love look for less because I am saving for Louie's tomorrow.  But of course, saving does not mean that she can't dress nicely.  I really am a bargain hunter.  Just remember girls, its not how expensive, but on how you choose the right outfit that will match you and will highlight your positive assets.

I will be posting more fashionable ideas and crafts not just for adults but also for kids.  Louie is very willing to be a part of GG to share with us the world of kids too.

Thanks for dropping by pretties!

See yah!


Ghetto S


  1. I am huge on "inexpensive yet looks fashionable still" look! :) Louie is a big girl na!

  2. Hi Nikki! Yey! pareho tayong fan ng mga less expensive stuffs! hahaha so we can save for more important stuffs like house and lot, sports car, travel abroad, business etc? right? Thanks Nikki...yes Louie is a big girl na. She does not want to be called baby anymore.


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