Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IT- Shoe for the Guys: Sueno de Espadrilles and Paez Shoes

I've seen my brothers and their friends wearing this somewhat "IT-shoe" of the moment. I was wondering then.. is this the new footwear craze the guys are into? Well, I got the answer straight from them.....it's a BIG YES!!! Hahaha!

Espadrilles are either flat or heeled sandals which have a canvas upper fabric and a sole either made of rubber or rope material. The rope thingy is called Jute rope sole which makes the espadrille an espadrille. I've read in wikipedia's description on espadrilles that traditonal espadrilles have a canvas upper with a toe and vamp cut in one piece and seamed to the rope sole at the sides. The term espadrilles was a French word, espanderya, which is a Mediterranean grass used in making rope. Espadrilles are super comfortable because the natural fibre moulds to the feet's countour. Espadrilles became super popular in the 1980's. I remember my dad and uncles before wearing one. Now, it's making its waves back once again at for the younger generation's shoe closet.

Manila boys, you can get your fix of Espadrilles at Sueno de Espadrilles. What's good about their store, is that women, men, and the kids can have their own espadrille with a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from and not just the traditional/classic one! I think the classic /slip on one retails for around Php 600

Classic style espadrilles at Sueno de Espadrilles

On the other hand, there's another shoe brand which is taking Manila by storm! Paez Shoes. Paez Philippines has brought this Argentinian brand into our country. Paez shoes are 100% handmade, made of soft Argentine canvass, cushioned leather insole, EVA rubber sole, and elastic panel for ultimate comfort and fit! Like the espadrilles, Paez shoes will also stretch and shape like your feet's countour which will make walking comfortable. They retail for around Php 1,800/pair. Sharing with you brother dear's Paez's :)

Paez Shoes in Solid Black

Paez Shoes in Jailbird Blue
Visit Sueno de Espadrilles at The Podium, 4th floor and Greenbelt 5 and Paez Shoes at Rustan's Department stores. You may also click their websites: http://espadrillesmanila.multiply.com/ and http://www.paezphilippines.com/

I'm tempted to buy myself one! Hehehe! Too bad my feet's too small that I can't borrow my 2 brother's shoes ;-)

Ghetto B


  1. You may buy Paez Shoes from http://www.heywhereyou.com - FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! :)

  2. The great photo with all the colorful CARMEN espadrilles and PEPE espadrilles is from www.espadrillesetc.com - they are the real things made in SPAIN!


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