Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion Guide: 10 Fashion Rules You Must Follow

For me, fashion and style are both arts.  Us—the wearers, are the artists.  Our body of course is the canvas.  I don’t know with you but for me, I believe that all of us has the right to express ourselves through fashion.  Which basically leads me to say that fashion should have no boundaries.  BUT, like everything around, fashion will not be in harmony if there is no rule.  We need rules to prevent chaos.  So I have come up 10 basic rules that I hope you will follow..

1.         Buy clothes that fit.

This is a very important rule to follow.  I noticed that a number of women would buy clothes which are a size smaller than they actually are, thinking that it will motivate them to lose weight while some are just in denial stage maybe.  Well let me tell you girls, that wearing unflatteringly tight clothes that pushes your excess fats most especially in the belly to hang is not sexy at all.   It will just make you look like a piece of squeezed balloon that is about to pop.  Get the picture?  While on the other hand, there some women who lack confidence about their figure would sometimes buy oversized clothes to hide their imperfections but they just end up looking sloppy. 

So girls, remember, it is important to get the clothes that’s YOUR size and not your size from the past or the future. Alright?

2.         Choose the correct undergarments.

One of the most common mistakes committed by women is showing panty lines when wearing well fitted pants or skirts.  Girls, this is why the thong was invented.  If you don’t feel like wearing a thong or for some hygienic or medical reasons you were not allowed to—kindly choose a bottom piece that is not too tight.  There is always a solution.

The same rule applies to bras.  Choose a bra that fits you perfectly.  Do not choose a lacey bra when you are wearing a cotton fitted top where we can see the lace bulging from the fabric.  Try not to wear black or brightly colored bra if you are wearing white or light colored shirt that can be easily seen through the fabric.  And if the bra straps are exposed, try to use the fancy bra straps.

And the third one—well I have seen this a lot around here.  When wearing low riding jeans, try to wear a panty that can remain hidden  and won’t play peek a boo with the public when you bend over or sit down.  Just try to remember that underwears are not to be seen when wearing clothing.

3.         Iron your clothes.

I know some of you might say that ironing just takes too much time and is a lot of hassle or its “gusot mayaman”?  Nice but not all of your clothes is gusot mayaman.  Wrinkled clothes gives an impression that you disregard your appearance.

4.         Do not wear one color for all the pieces in your ensemble.

It’s nice to see that the color of your shoes matches the color of your dress.  Or the dress matches the color of your bag.  But please, don’t wear yellow hat, yellow, dress, yellow shoes, yellow bag, yellow earrings, yellow, ring, yellow umbrella.  I guarantee you will be a walking sun.  Get the picture?  I need not say more.

5.         Match your shoes with your outfit.

Well, a good illustration would be.  If you are wearing a nice dress, please don’t wear flip flops with it.  I know we are all comfortable wearing flip flops and it has been a growing trend since Havaianas.  I used to remember that I used to call it just slippers and I don’t go out of the house wearing slippers, now its flip flops—a more classy term I guess.  Yes, you can wear flip flops for some casual dresses but a nice dress deserves a nice pair of shoes.  And of course, make sure that your shoes are always clean.

 6                    Do not wear too many colors. 

Rainbows are cute but if you wear too many colors all at once, I guarantee you will distract a lot of people.  As a general rule, try combining just 2-3 colors.

7.                  Do not wear fashion trends that don’t suit you.

Not all fashion trends are meant to be followed.  Learn how to choose which trend is right for you.   Even if you love the new top that is being worn by almost all the Hollywood stars and when you tried it on, you think it looks bad on you, skip it! 

8.                  Short skirt and short top.

If you are wearing a mini skirt, try not to wear a short top with it because you will end up looking trashy.  Not unless of course you are a cheerleader.  Remember, sexy is different from trashy and tacky.

9.                  Wearing Red and Green at the same time.

Not unless it is a costume.  You will look like a Christmas mascot.  These two colors just don’t go together—just because red and green together means Christmas and Christmas tree.

10.              Do not wear something that you are not comfortable wearing.

The purpose of fashion is to make you look and feel great.  If you wear something that makes you uncomfortable, it will definitely show and it will pull down your confidence level.  Remember, this last rule=) 

Now that you know some basic rules in fashion, go and have fun being fashionable! I am more confident now that you will not be creating chaos in the fashion world anytime soon.  Hahaha=)

Do you know any other Fashion Rules that you think I missed here?  I'd love to hear it from you.

Thanks for dropping by!  My effort in writing this blog is worth it.


Ghetto S


  1. Agree Ghetto S on all your rules!!!

  2. yey!!! great minds think alike! thanks Nikki and Tara!!!

  3. nice post :) learned a lot of tips :) Keep it up :)

  4. hi Pam!

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