Friday, June 25, 2010

Yay or Nay: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Baby Pink

TGIF ghetto gurls! Are you ready once again for the weekend? :)

I've been thinking for months. Literally months.. on what brand does Liz Uy, Ruffa Guttierez, and all the local showbiz personalities use when I see them on tv with a barbie pink lip color. Then I learned that the culprit is the MAC Pink Nouveau and Shu Uemura's PK 344. I've visited the MAC Shangri-La counter twice to try it out and once at the MAC store at Vivo Mall Singapore and weigh myself if I like it or not. I've already crossed out Shu Uemura because I could not and would not cough up Php 1,350 for a lipstick hehehe! MAC is around Php 950. It's cheaper than Shu but still pricey so I have to think over and over again if it's worth it or not. I have this "rule" that it's okay to splurge as long that it's something classic, something not just a trend, and something you can use over & over again... like a classic lipstick that can take you from day to night. I think that this pink lipstick craze that I have now is only because of what I want and not what I need.

Then I read from my dearest Askmewhats about her take on the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. I've also seen this many times from the billboards and lighted signages at the malls because it is Jessica Alba who is the face of the Revlon Colorburst lipstick. So when I got the chance to stop by a Revlon counter, I was glued in my seat :) I saw the wide array of shades. And for just a fraction of what MAC Pink Nouveau costs, I'm leaning of getting one already. Then after much thinking and sales talk from the girl, I finally gave in and bought my own Revlon Colorburst in Baby Pink!


  • Afforable for only Php 575.00!
  • This is the closest dupe to MAC Pink Nouveau (in my opinion based on how MAC Pink Nouveau looked in my lips). More of the barbie pink shade. I've tried the Carnation but the Baby Pink is lighter and more Barbie Pink-ish like the MAC Pink Nouveau. I've also read some reviews that this one is also a dupe of the MAC Viva Glam Gaga
  • I was told they have 20 shades! Top of mind shades I can remember now are Lilac, Mauve, True Red, Fuschia. They have shades from neutrals to the pinks. Pick your poison!
  • Truly pigmented. The color you see on the tube is the one that appears when you swipe it.
  • I like that it has moisture in it so my lips doesn't feel dry.
  • I love the new design. The matte tube with the lip color at the top of the cover is a good idea. So you don't have to turn the tube down for the color name or open it. The matte / smooth feel of the tube reminds me of the MAC


  • Unlike MAC Pink Nouveau which is more on the matte side, Revlon Baby Pink has lil bit of shimmer or frosty which I can't properly describe. But Nikki gave a good tip that if you want to have it matte, pat your lips after your first application and swipe your lips again for a second one :-)

Additional notes

I can't say about the staying power yet since after I swiped from the tester, I wasn't able to check how it looked after eating. Their selling point is more of the color and not the staying power . I haven't taken a picture of myself with this one so I'll get back on this next time on how it looks on me.

Revlon Colorburst in Baby Pink is definitely a YAY with only one nay! :) Visit a Revlon Beauty Counter in leading department stores or Watson's and check it out.


Ghetto B


  1. yay! I'm glad you were able to save up on lipstick and I can't wait to see you wear this shade!

  2. thank you too for your very informative AMW blog kaya i bought one :) i'll wear this when i go see you girls next week!


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