Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to wear on a first date: Looks from Forever 21

Bonjour! Ohayo! Buon Giorno! Magandang Umaga! Good Morning!! :) I'm in the mood to greet all the girlies out there in several languages like French, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, and English. Haha!! Kidding :)

How I wish Forever 21 gets to open here in Manila soon!!! I always make it a point to visit the Forever 21 website and drool over their new arrivals all the time. All their pieces are really fashionable, affordable, and they have a wide variety of items to choose from! From footwear, dresses, tops, accessories etc! I remember staying in a Forever 21 outlet store and didn't realize that I was already there for more than 1 hour with a friend and her son waiting for me like forever hahaha! :)

Today, I'm in the mood to imagine several looks I'd like to wear on a first date. *Let's not talk about MY dating life/love life in here hahaha!!* Anyways, should I get a date soon *wink*, here are the looks I'd go for. Since it's a first date, I don't want to go all-out and look super duper prepared. I would like to look casual yet polished. The second date onwards is a different story! For now, let's just focus on a first date :)

Look#1: Dinner out look
First impressions last. So we should prepare for that moment when your date glances at you for the first time. The goal is.. you must be able to drop his jaw open and smiling all night long after seeing the prettiest girl of the night! And of course after the date is over, he would text his friends and the feedback he must give is: "I can't wait for a second date with her!" I'm leaving the heels, dressy dresses, and the ironed or curled hair for the next date. :) For this first dinner date look, I mixed girly and boyish looks - Tulip skirt paired with oxfords flats; dangling earrings and a hair tied in a ponytail.

Product Information: Shimmering Pleats Skirt, Sheer Floral Top, Vintage Saddle Oxfords, Leatherette Ruffle bag (with optional shoulder strap), Facedted Bead Dangle Earrings, Scrunched Hair ties (to the hair in a pony tail)

Look #2: Coffee date look

Sometimes when the date is spontaneous, coffee is the usual thing you end up doing (especially blind dates). No expectations whatsoever. When you're invited to grab a cup of coffee, you don't want to look like going to a prom and all dolled-up right? Like what I said earlier, you want to look nice but not too prepared. Here's another nautical look (can't get enough of the nautical trend still hehe!)

Product information: Classic belted shorts, Boatneck Striped top, Suedette Round Toe Flats, Gold-trim Carry All, Beaded Galore Necklace, Faux Pearl Stud

Look #3: Movie date look

Since you're going inside the movie house, you have to be prepared for the cold airconditioning inside! You don't want to look clingy and looking like you want your date to hug you hahaha! So be ready with your sweater or jacket.

Product information: Luxe Floral Custer Ring, Denim Jacket, Lacquered Petal Earrings, Ruffled Suedette Thong Sandals, Stripes and Flowers Dress by Heritage 1981 Women

What do you think about the 3 looks? Would you pull up looks similar as mine or you will do it differently? Haaaay, How I wish I can dress up once again for a date! hehehe! :) If you're about to go out with your boy toy, then it's time to play dress up!!! Have fun and share us your looks! :)

Ghetto B

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  1. Ghetto Gurls! Li'l Birdie told me Forever 21 (the original) will be opening up their store SOON! As in super soon!!!!! so be happy! :D


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