Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is an acidic skin?

Good morning girlaloos! Do you have a smile on your face? :) If not, then better plaster one to attract good vibes early in the morning :-)

Today I'm gonna share with you the idea of an acidic skin. Maybe you are wondering..what the hell is an acidic skin???! Well, to explain in layman's terms, you have an acidic skin when your face (with foundation) turns darker after a few hours or when your face gets oily.

I've done some web research on this and my friend Nikki of Askmewhats gave me some information about it (Not so long ago, she used my face acidic and oily face as her blank canvass when she was practicing makeup before hehehe!). Reading a couple of resources online, oily faced people are most likely prone to having the skin turn darker because the oil/sebum being produced.

I'm oily faced and acidic. I made the mistake before of buying a foundation with the same shade as my skintone. I bought a MAC Studio Fix NC42 and after hours, I noticed that my foundation turned darker than when I first applied it. I also noted similar comments from different people. They always told me if I went to the beach because I looked darker. From then on, I realized that I have acidic skin. With the help of research and Nikki, here are the tips I've known that I'd like to share with you:
  • I should use a foundation shade, one tone lighter than my skin tone so that my face will match my skin tone once my face gets oily and acidic. From NC42, I went for NC40 and it was the perfect match! I don't look like I went to the beach on a rainy season hehe!
  • To counteract oiliness, I used a makeup base / primer to keep my face from being oily. Smashbox Photofinish primer works wonders!!
  • Scout for good deals!!! I use an alternative foundation for my MAC NC40. Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Dark Ochre is an cheapo foundation that works like a MAC NC40 for me! For the makeup primer, I use a Skin 79 BB Cream in Gold Caviar as an everyday moisturzier/skincare/makeup base all-in-one!

Here are some "proofs" I dug to showcase my before and after acidic face :)




Do you share the same acidic face like mine? How did you deal with it?


Ghetto B


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