Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Very Affordable and Fabolous Nail Polish Discovery: Chic Classics Nail Color

Good Morning Sweets! As promised, this is the second half of my posts about nail polishes. Yesterday, I shared to you my opinion on the must-have nail polish colors and I kept you hanging on the "secret brand" I discovered.

While mother was scouting for a box of hair color, I wandered around the Health & Beauty section. I spotted the nail polishes because the unusual colors striked me. The salmon-pink / salmon-orange color I've been hunting for months... I saw!! It's from a brand named Chic Classics Nail Color. And the best part is the PRICE! Guess how much????! It just retails for... Php 27.75!!!! Like a girl in a candy store, I was amazed by the variety of colors they have! I know that I'm not a nail polish girl but it's cool to have some must-have colors while I take advantage of the affordable price Chic polishes have. I knew this brand when I was a kid when my mom goes to the parlor and gets her nails done. It's an old-school, drug store brand like Caronia, long before the Elianto and The Face Shop nail polishes ruled.

I took some pictures for you girls to see! But...

Some disclaimers first:

#1: Pardon the pictures since I don't have a professional camera and I tried my best to give the best pic with the best lighting. Some of the colors really look different in person than what it came out in the pictures but I'll try my best to explain it in words

#2: I really want to give more pictures with the nail polish on my hands but my camera-shy hands only wants 1 pic hehehehe! :)

From Left to Right: African Plum, Tea Rose, Neon Pink,
Neon Fuschia, Top Coat

From Left to Right: Neon Fuschia, Neon Pink
It really looks different here but the difference between the two is the Neon Fuschia is more of your neon pink Stabilo highlighter while the Neon Pink is more of your salmon orangey pink Stabilo highlighter. Price: Php 27.75

From Left to Right: Tea Rose, African Plum
The Tea Rose is more of your crimson red kind of red..like a bloody red! The African Plum on the other hand is not black but a very deep plum/violet color. Hmm.. imagine a Welch's grape juice color. Price: Php 24.75

Top Coat
Does this remind you of The Face Shop's top coat? Looks the same, right??! Price: Php 32.75

Since I only bought 4 polishes, I wanted all my nails to get polished so I used my ever-reliable The Face Shop pink-nude color on my pinky ;-)

Voila!! Here are the polishes on my tiny nails :) Sorry but this is the best I can give. You can check out the colors in person by going to the nearest Health & Beauty section of the department store or any Watsons branch. :)

  • Very affordable!!! From Php 24.75 to Php 32.75! What more can you ask for??!
  • The new range of colors. I knew this from way before and they only had the old-school pearly, frosty colors but now they have all sorts like the neons, the blues, yellows etc.
  • I like that the brush is thin because it just swipes perfectly within my nails :)
  • Works and performs just like the expensive and branded counterparts!
  • Nothing that I know of.. yet! But I'll share next time if the polishes chip off quickly.
So for all the girls out there who wants to save up but still get the fantastic colors like Elianto, The Face Shop, Orly, or OPI, you may want to check out the color range of Chic Classic Polish :-) Definitely yay and definitely worth it!
Ghetto B


  1. parang ang liit ng kuku mo? Tipid sa polish! hahahha :D

  2. you might want to check out the recent collection of Caronia, they have bright/stylish colors too. i love their green :)

    but id like to share 1 nay: these brands make your nails yellow after wearing them for more than a week :(

  3. Nikki hahahahaha!! :)) winner ka talaga! *APIR* 1 bottle will last beyond the expiration date. tipid!!! :)) na camera shy ang nails..hindi sanay makita ng cyberworld. next apperance daw nila, magpapahaba sila just for you :-)

  4. wow! thank you so much anonymous for the heads-up on caronia! will definitely check it out! :D well, with that 1 nay, I think what we can do to prevent it is by swiping a base coat to protect our nails to lessen the chances of turning it yellow afterwards will be just minimal :)


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