Monday, June 28, 2010

A Girl's Must-Have Nail Polish Colors

Happy first day of the week ghetto gurls!! Today's a Monday and we all hate Mondays, don't we? But nah, we should start the week with a bright bright smile like this.. :D

I have a secret to share! It's only between of us okay? Promise??? Okay here it is... I'm not proud of my nails. Hahaha! Seriously I do! They're too tiny.. polly pocket tiny like tinkerbell's! That's why I don't usually have my nails done because when I do, I feel like I'm a kid playing dress up and using the nail polish of her mom who is away :)) It's an effort for me to grow my nails long and get it painted. I only have one polish I use over and over again if I want to have my nails colored. It's the pink-nude colored one from The Face Shop (and The Face Shop Top Coat too). I make it a point to buy one when my stock dries up. I also bought a bloody red color before as well to try having red nails. But this one is my go-to shade always. I may sound corny that I'm not adventuruous but who cares??! Hehe!

If I were asked to choose nail polish colors every girl must-have, I will pick five colors. Here's the rundown:

I really like Olivia Palermo as she's very chic and stylish! Reminds me of Blair Waldorf :-) Red nails will never go out of style. Looks good as well when you are to go on a formal event. I personally think that red makes your hands more flawless. In this picture, Olivia wore a red-orange shade and not a bloody red / crimson one

Pink is an essential color for all the girlies.. especially to those who want to channel their inner Elle Woods! It screams cute and dainty. Depending on the shade from the light ones to the fuschia or the neons, a certain pink will match your personality. Below is R&B singer Ciara with her fuschia nails. Honestly, I know I'm not a nail polish person but I've been hunting down a salmon-pink kind of shade. Then I knew OPI has it but for my tiny nails, Php 350 is kinda pricey for me to afford. Well but there's good news!! I met my match!! A super affordable polish with the same colors as The Face Shop or OPI. I'll surprise you next post on what it is. :)

So great minds think alike??! Jennifer Aniston and I share the same mantra! We like to keep it simple! hehehe :) Kidding aside, having a nude color is essential. You might think that it's a waste of money since you're buying a color that is almost a color but not quite. But if you think about it, it's a go-to color when you are not sure if you're nails are appropriate to an event you are going to like an office meeting, wedding reception, or a formal dinner. This color is your safest choice if you want to look like you just had a french tip. It's clean and simple. Period.


When I see hollywood celebs wearing rocker chick/ emo black nail polish, I'm really intrigued how they pull it off even if they're not dressing up Avant Garde. The trick with these colors (the black, plums, dark blues or greens) is that you should wear it with short nails.
It will look like you are witch if you sport it long nails hehehe!
Christina Aguilera did A+ on this as she perfectly square shaped her nails and the
put some shiny gloss on top of her polish. Cool isn't it??!


First things first. Taupe is kind of a neutral color more on the grayish-brown like the mushrooms. You can call this mushroom taupe. Anyways, after seeing Demi Moore wear this (and she looks regal and fantabolous in this), I'd want to scout a mushroom taupe for myself!
Me being the neutral colored person, I'd like to have a sample of this one.
This can be the alternate for my pink-nude color shadow :)

With the wide variety of colors out in the market right now, you can't help to just focus on 5 shades. What I'm saying is that these colors are the ones I'd prioritize having. Don't limit yourself to these colors but explore and wear colors that make you happy and colors that matches your personality. If you like green then wear green or yellow or purple! Try different shades, try it with nail art as well.
In my next post, I will share to you the "bargain nail polish" I discovered! Hmmm, but I'll keep you hanging in the mean time. For now, enjoy reading first!
Ghetto B


  1. I am nail polish addict and I agree on those lovely polish color you've posted!

  2. wow awww! that's super great..coming from amw..the queen of nail art in the philippines and the person who does the best nail art i've seen :)


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