Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ghetto B gets a haircut at Antonio Hairdressing

I didn't realize time flew so fast! The last time I had a haircut was around last week of February / first week of March. My hair grew so long and I wanted to welcome the second half of the year with a new 'do!

I went again to my newly trusted stylist, Gretchen of Antonio Hairdressing to chop off my locks. She's really really good and understands my bleak explanation of what I want for my hair. I just say to her "Gretchen, gusto ko parang Mariel Rodriguez layer ha?" (Gretchen, I want a layered hairstyle just Mariel Rodriguez) Btw, Mariel Rodriguez is a popular TV-Host actress here in the Philippines. I know that she also goes to Antonio Hairdressing and Salon de Manila for her hair but in a different branch.

Anyways, since my hair also needs a treatment, I got one as well. Afterwhich, my stylist cut my hair in precision. She carefully and meticulously layered my hair from the inside and I saw her use the scissors with great talent! hehe :) After 2 hours, I'm done. It took that long even if I'm the only customer she's attending to because she wanted to make sure that I get the perfect haircut and the best treatment after. She also gave me some tips after how to maintain my new 'do :)



Whatchathink???! The older one or the newer one? :)

If you want to try out the services of Antonio Hairdressing, you may visit their website at http://antoniohairdressing.multiply.com/


Ghetto B


  1. Love this new one!!!!! Can't wait to see you in person!

  2. sisterhood!! shempre ngayon ko lang napasin (as always lagi ako lost!) hahaha!! thanks! can't wait to show it to you when we see one another. hope you can get a haircut as well na din! sisters indeed na talaga tayo for sure hehe! ;-)


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