Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Age Suspended, Time Interrupted: Clinique Launches Youth Surge Night

Thanks to my very very dear friend Askmewhats (Nikki) for dragging me along to an event the Estee Lauder group (Clinique team) invited her to. Many thanks to Kay as well for saying "yes" when Nikki asked to tag me along. We were treated to yummy cocktails which I LOVED especially the salmon in cereal bread and the kesong puti with mango hehehe! :)

Patty Laurel (which i really admire who's very perky and very pretty) hosted the event
The launch was very short and sweet.. straight to the point, no fuss!

Here's a brief overview of the Clinique Youth Surge Night is all about:

*Promotes age deceleration-> helps cellular regeneration to restore youth to aging skin

*It uses the "Sirtuin Technology" -> Sirtuin are youth extending agents found in the skin. So what the Clinique scientists did, they created a formula using this to trigger repair ingredients to fight lines, wrinkles, and aging signs.

*Since cellular regeneration and repair usually happens at night, Clinique Youth Surge Night does its job when we are asleep. So when we wake up in morning, we look refreshed and more youthful

I'm happy I took a loot bag home with Clinique goodies! :)

I tried the Clinique Youth Surge Night Cream and here's what I think:

*Doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
*Glides on easily when you spread it on your face so a little bit goes a long way
*I like that it feels like a cold cream because it literally feels cool when pat it on my face
*I love the scent.. smells just right! Feels like it's bed time :)

I do think we have to make the investment for our skin now because we don't want to be saggy and wrinkly when we become senior citizens, right? Aging is ireversible.We will all go to that phase whether we like it or not.. BUT we can slow it down or decelerate it by making our skin more firmer and having less fine lines and wrinkles. I know there are a lot WAY MORE expensive creams out there as much as USD 350 promising us the fountain of youth. But with the Clinique Youth Surge, I know I'm in good hands already :-)

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  1. you're welcome :) Thanks for coming as well! Enjoyed the experience with you!


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