Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dorothy Perkins Flagship Store Relaunch

My very good friend, Michelle Buencamino (Brand Manager of Dorothy Perkins) gave me a VIP ticket to the opening of Dorothy Perkins' flagship store in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. I brought S and one of our colleagues at work, Weng, to the event.

Me with Michelle :-)

Sam Oh was the night's host. After the curtains were brought down, we saw the newly revamped Dorothy Perkins store! We were greeted by waiters serving each of the guests drinks an Irish cream drink similar to Bailey's. Then we just heard Sam Oh asking everyone to check the bottom of the glasses to see if there's a sticker. Those with stickers get A PRIZE.. which we feel bad that we didn't win because it's a P5,000 Dorothy Perkins gift certificate! It's our showbiz moment when we had our pics taken with Sam Oh. Not only that, S got interviewed by Sam and asked her what she was looking for. Definitely her 15 seconds of fame! Here's a sample of her quick showbiz moment:

B and S with Sam Oh

15 minutes of fame with Sam Oh

Sam Oh: What are you looking for now?
S: Uhmm, Jeans...*pointing to the jeans hanging on the other side* over there!

We checked out all the items and I must say everything is drool worthy. All the chicks just went gaga over everything! Some even didn't bother to fall in line at the fitting room and just opted to swipe their credit cards at the cashier. S and I braved the long line at the fitting room to try out the jeans. But we were pissed to get out after knowing we can't fit into size 6 jeans!!! SADNESS! Kelangan na talaga mag diet! We were too lazy to get the next size (a.k.a feel bad to try size 8. What kind of legs can fit in those size 6 jeans!) I just got the tan belt and I sooo love it for P316!!

S and Weng in the middle of a panic buying and fitting

Thanks to the 20% discount on all items because was a good treat for all the girls. What's good about the Rockwell branch is that it's the only branch with shoes.

Cocktails were served courtesy of Dulcinea. As far as my memory serves me right, I tasted YUMMY chicken lollipops, sandwiches, brazo de mercedes, and slices of Sbarro cheese pizza. Ghettoness attacks me again this time! I was so hungry that when I saw the chicken lollipop being brought out by the waiter, I said in my most jologs voice and at the same time pointing to the tray "MANOK!!" Bwahahahahaha! I forgot that I was at this Dorothy Perkins event so I quickly contained myself and acted poised kuno! :) Wish ko lang the 2nd Avenue cameramen didn't capture that ghetto moment. heehee!

Though we didn't win any prizes that night, we were so happy with the lootbags we got! We held 2 bags! One was for the Terra Vega wine bottle and the other was the lootbag containing the September issue of Mega magazine, Dorothy Perkins foldable umbrellas, sample sizes of Ralph Lauren Always Romance and Diesel Pour Homme, L'oreal Elseve shampoo, and L'oreal White Perfect day cream. What more can we ask for??!!!

Do visit the Dorothy Perkins' flagship store in the 2nd floor Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and try on the latest season's fashion finds :)

REALITY BITES: The Attack of the Impacted Tooth

When we reach our 20 something age, we face the reality that one of these days, our wisdom teeth shall rise. For the lucky ones with much free space in their teeth line up, they may experience some minor swellings and pains but that’s it. But for those people with teeth as over crowded as china, beware of the attack of the impacted tooth!
Let me give you some boring yet important details about impacted teeth and wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth are unerupted or partially erupted teeth that cannot fully erupt due to:
Lack of space (crowding)
Misalignment (tooth is rotated out of position)
Conflicting position (another tooth has erupted over that position)
Ankylosis - when other causes of impaction are not corrected in a timely manner, the roots of the impacted tooth can fuse to the surrounding bone creating a tooth frozen in an unerupted or partially erupted state.
The teeth most likely to become impacted are the third molars, also known as "wisdom teeth." So get it now?

But why do we need to extract an impacted tooth? The most important thing to know about impacted teeth is that they almost always require extraction. The longer the extraction is postponed, the longer the tooth roots grow. When the tooth roots of an impacted tooth are allowed to develop, the risk of complication due to extraction increases significantly because the tooth roots may "wrap around" sensitive facial nerves

In tagalog, baka masisira ang pretty fez mo, sistah! So dapat ichugi na yan!

So anyway, why am I wasting my time blabbing about impacted teeth and wisdom teeth when there are a bunch of other interesting topics to talk about? Well it is simply because in our attempt to share with you some real life experience, my BFF B has been seeing a dentist and is suspecting that she is under the attack of an impacted tooth that has caused her pain for a few days already. On her first visit, the dentist told het to get an xray of her teeth and told her that it might not be an impacted tooth after all. The pain subsided after a few days, she gargled saline solution(salt and water) every after meal which is for cleansing. I heard that this is a natural and effective way of killing those nasty bacteria. And mefenamic acid whenever necessary for the pain.

Here is the result of B’s Xray result.
Please take note that this is a recent document and not an ancient fossil artefact chorva.

Sa tingin nyo? Impacted ba or hindi?

Hindi obvious. Nakahiga lang naman ang ngipin. 180 degrees ang normal position pero ang ngipin ni B ay 90 degrees. So?

So to wrap things up, here’s a trivia:

Q: What do you call those teeth that cannot come in straight because they are pushing against another tooth, or the jawbone or even the gums?

A: Impacted teeth.

Q: What do you call a person who has impacted teeth?

A: impacta/impacto.

Sad to say my friend is an IMPACTA! But since she is petite, pwede na syang IMPACTITA:)


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